Neptune says “I UNIONIZE.”



Anything Neptunian = obscurity. Enough said.


Neptune in Aries is about following the fire within to better the Whole. This energy can lean towards spiritual narcissism on a level since any “mission” in life may be unknowingly more ego-oriented than Higher Self aligned. Then again, it may be both – and for good reason in the Big Picture. Any noticeable pattern of confusion in life tends to be entangled with anger, assertion, and action overall. Mars is the ruler of Aries, and it is a certain type of consort with the Sun – the Will. The Will on its own is great… Mars’ energy lends the activating force for the Will. For certain vibrations, this energy can actually be quite beneficial in that it can completely dissolve boxes related to identity. Once the identity is surrendered, there is a felt limitless in life. We haven’t seen this energy pop up in natal charts since the mid-to-late 1800s; we will get to dive in again around 2025!


Neptune in Taurus may entice the collective energy to bring the spiritual to the material, or the material to the spiritual. What’s the difference? Good luck… you’re in Neptune land. Without going into too much detail, this energy asks to “keep building.” Over and over again, that’s what I hear. The Neptune in Aries energy will offer glimpses into how this part of the overall frequency will flow (if it can be captured at all – again, dealing with the ever-illusive Neptune). The late 1800s were the last time anyone lived the experience of this energy on the Earth plane; it will come around again near 2040. That being said, I won’t go into much more since we have more to deal with at the moment…!

Neptune IN Gemini

The Neptune in Gemini experience is one we haven’t had since the turn of the 20th century (early 1900s). It won’t show up again until around 2050… but I think it is beneficial to sense the patterns that are evolving – as we evolve collectively. What happened during that time? I cannot go through all of it… but what I am seeing in my 3rd eye is an exponential graphing. Something during this time “took off” and we will see it shift when we revisit it in the mid-2000s. I imagine (very Neptunian to imagine) the new generation born with this energy to be re-configuring how we communicate. It could be something as simple and innocuous as “changing the gridlines.” And, by then, that will be more simple to do. It could be something bigger like a natural + collective navigation into spiritual communication… with most everyone more innately aware of their capacities on that level. Think : telepathy. Truly, this energy beckons the phrase, “the sky’s the limit” – which isn’t even a solid phrase… thanks to Neptune!


Neptune in Cancer can be quite tied to the rhythms of “home” – whatever that means to the individual. We haven’t seen this placement in a natal chart since the first part of the 20th century (up to roughly 1915). We can surmise from the collective activity at that time though… and, we may get a glimpse into the spiraling change of this energetic form that will show up again in the second half of the 21st century. What I see from the most recent time period is a well-known event – the sinking of the Titanic. With an idealistic grandiosity (Neptune in Taurus + Neptune in Gemini), a group of Souls came together to create this ship. A natural, earthly, watery force took the whole thing down – and a group of Souls left this plane of existence. The message here is to respect our Mother Earth + her power… that theme appears in my mind (at present) when we energetically “go there” again. It may be wise to start shifting things NOW!


Neptune in Leo, oh one of the great Muses. There are most likely still people living now that have this natal imprint… this lasting frequency. Anyone in the 90s or early 100s now are included! Crazy to think about right? Up to roughly 1928, we as a global community experienced a lot of murky change with this generational force. It was about creating something “more” – whether consciously or unconsciously. Here was a period of great artistry + some mastery on the spiritual/ego levels, both. For example. Gandhi was arrested during a Neptune in Leo phase. He was born with Neptune in Aries (read above). It was like a war of ego + spirit met in a human body… and, he was arrested for sedition : his words supposedly “incited rebellion against the authorities (state, monarch, etc.).” Yep.. That’s Neptune in Leo for you. The Will + imagination + Higher Self connection is strong for these folks. They may be teaching us how to better create our Reality here.

Neptune IN Virgo

Neptune in Virgo is an interesting balancing act! Virgo + Pisces (Neptune’s sign) are facing each other with this energy. The Neptune in Virgo native last arrived around 1928 – 1942. These frequencies are still around, and they may be still delivering information on health, wellness, unity, etc. They may be extremely sensitive to the planet itself. Anything floating around – seen or unseen – can be absorbed through the mental body, the emotional body, and/or the physical body. That may be why there is a leaning towards finding ideal health – and many options may be explored. Allergies are common – often illusive with no consistent pattern until alignment with the Higher Self is met more. The dissolution of details may be key for those finding a certain obsession there. The search for “answers” can be moved through a spiritual discipline… and the ultimate personal answer is generally both unique + collectively-oriented at the same time.


The Neptune in Libra individual is unconsciously and/or consciously on a mission to provide equality. As the second air sign in the trilogy of the Air element, there may be a major contention with whatever balance is – on multiple levels. On a personal level (depending on House placement + connection with other luminaries), there may be a spiritual contract involving the development of harmonizing the masculine + feminine principles. It may be about experiencing polarity to a certain extreme… in order to find new balance – both internally + externally. The “black-and-white” theme comes on strong for these folks, as they are meant to, ultimately, leave a trace of information on how to blend better. To be comfortable with the grey. The most recent Neptune in Libra natives were born between 1942 -1956. Look at all the politicians/diplomats born during that time… and the energy may become clear for what we are experiencing now!

NEPTUNE IN scorpio

The Neptune in Scorpio individual may be consumed with mystery. Here we have the illusive + elusive meeting the depths + secrecy. These individuals, born between roughly 1957 – 1970, bring the Underworld to the Light. This time period enabled foci on what some still deem “conspiracy theories.” Nope. There is Truth in what was uncovered, and we will likely experience a nebulousness around this energy for a while. UFOs, aliens, government cover-ups… we feel this frequency bubbling up more and more as Neptune currently traverses through its home/companion sign, Pisces. The main thing to take note of here is the water trilogy + its cyclical undertones (see Neptune in Cancer, above + Neptune in Pisces, below). Life and death become more spiritually attuned with this energetic field. What “humanity” is comes into objective consideration… an alien race to “other” alien races is key to realize. What does it all mean? That’s the question this generation brought forth more… and their current carries it forward as other alignments light up the dark, over and over again.


Neptune in Sagittarius energy came in relatively recently (1970 – 1984 or so). The generation of people born with this frequency were and are apart of a collective consciousness movement aimed at refining how we view freedom, truth + Truth. The inherent nebulousness that Neptune energy carries mixed with the freedom-loving + exploratory Sagittarius archetype can show up in a multitude of ways. I tend to call this the ADHD generation because there seems to be a “lack of focus” going on in these experiencers. Without commenting on the rise in ADHD medication, I will share that the supposed “lack of focus” in this generation is an experience that asks for awareness. In other words, becoming more aware of things IS the focus – however scattered that awareness appears to be. The Neptune in Sagittarius native is equipped to feel into the intuitive faculties more. That means taking in a lot of information at once and distilling it into some truth, or, even larger Truth. The knowing that both truths + Truths change (through perspective, through “time,” etc.) tends to be a given for this frequency. Still, that doesn’t stop the energy from seeking + finding expression… over and over again. These are the liberators + manifestors involved in the dawning of a New Age.


Neptune in Capricorn is… my imprint. Disclaimer: My 12th House is 29 degrees Sag, and I have my Neptune at 1 degree of Capricorn. So the nebulousness of Neptune gets washed in a tub of Pisces (its home)… with a little bit of Capricorn on top. Or bottom? Somewhere in the middle? All of the above? Who is in “control” here? I am still figuring all of that out. With that said, my personal experience + objective observation of others holding this frequency seem to share a main ingredient: traversing through judgment + turning dreams into reality. The key for this energy is to navigate through the Neptunian abyss with a clear Capricorn goal or two in mind. Imagine climbing a mountain through fog – that’s Neptune in Capricorn. That image may be filtered through whatever the individual House placement is for the native. It may not be clear what’s ahead, but the knowing that there is a peak to reach simply asks for the climber to slow down along the way… to see and appreciate the details as they unfold. Coming off the heels of Neptune in Sagittarius, this energy is about the journey + exploration… with a (hopefully) solid + practical application for what was learned. Is the struggle real? Or is it only as real as we allow it to be? That’s a question these natives may be able to aid in answering.


Neptune in Aquarius – they’re baaaaack! This generation arrived between 1998 – 2012, or so. These are the innovative, creative rebels of our current era. On a collective level, we felt this energy sweep through those of us already here. The Internet was truly born… and it is in bloom. The bitcoin made an appearance. Robots + other expansions on technology became a thing. The idea of Artificial Intelligence in general showed up – on the philosophical, psychological + practical arenas. Older energies are still parsing through “how to catch up” in a lot of ways… particularly in the governmental realm. Here we have two transpersonal frequencies combining at full force to bring in the NEW. Unusual things come with the territory for the Neptune in Aquarius native; and, generally the “unusual” will become ‘the norm’ for the collective on some level or another. It takes a keen eye to see how previous cycles inform what is here + what is coming soon… can you sense it? The idea of “copyright” + “property rights” + rights in general are one piece of the current wave of energy. What else can we glean from previous cycles – particularly from Neptune in Libra onward? Feel free to share your thoughts/comments!


Neptune in Pisces is at home! We are still in the midst of welcoming in this new frequency. Hindsight is 20/20, right? Let’s check that saying in a decade or so (2026 +). In the mean time… what have we circulated energetically up to NOW? How might this new generation be informing us? Neptune in Pisces feels like the return of a marked “ending.” Of course that is rather obscure since we are dealing with both Neptune + Pisces… and the whole idea of Time is a ridiculous illusion anyhow. Those born with this frequency may help us to see illusion for what it is. There is a heightened sensitivity + awareness embedded in this imprinting. Natives may absorb + mirror vibrations both seen and unseen, for a collective shift – a supposed ending to some other way of Being. Clarity is in polarity to the fog that this energy holds… so it is through mindfulness that we may see it all. Particular access to the “big picture” may be common for individual born during this movement of energy – and the House placement + aspecting can show how + where they may contribute to that said “big picture.” The hard part for these Souls may be in a knowing that All is One while living a confusingly “separate” existence as a human. Then again, that’s where various paths in spirituality come in. A connection to the Soul, the Spirit, etc. tends to be more heavily experienced… unconsciously + consciously, both. Do you see these themes unfolding throughout the collective? I know I do!

Phases of the Moon: Day Twenty-Nine.

Not heard
So extremes are enacted:
Scream or go silent.

Not seen
So extremes are reactive:
Deny or disappear.

Already wounded
With a world’s wrong recipe
On how to help heal. To calm.

Step One: Blame the victim.
The wound expands, bleeding
For its scream to be seen.

Step Two: Discern transparency.
Manipulate for a self-service
The system scrambles to caulk its cracks.

Step Three: To the Board of Trustees.
To the wolves with a pack of cigarettes,
And the antidote to their own mistrust disease.

Step Four: Create a new story.
Mix egg whites, blend yellow with black pepper,
Add the cream of the crop-
Depending on the season of expenditures.

Step Five: Change of season.
It’s happened, and it’s not in your control-
It’s time to let go and to trust.

Step Six: Faultiness finds fault.
Neither yours, nor mine, nor others.
It’s time to see the side mirror, find peace.

Step Seven: Magic transfers power.
The wolves hand over their creation for all
Their destruction offers space to rebuild.

Step Eight: Clear the spiders
Who live in the cracks of your car
Webs are indeed closer than they appear.

Step Nine: Accept no blame.
Stitch the wound with your grief
All the pain, not forgotten, can find relief.

Remember who you are
Remember where you come from
And write a new recipe with strength.

Image courtesy of Stuart Miles Photography at

Last poem + last Phases of the Moon series posts (for now)…! Originally called, SOLD: Recipe For Healing, this poem so eloquently leads me into my next project. I am gearing up for my new (and more humorous) Inklings series: Recipes. Tomorrow I will share the opener to the next series. Onward!

July 21st, 2017.