Uranus is Saturn turned on its side. It is a transpersonal planet standing for progress in quite unexplored territory. It catalyzes new – and sometimes quite sudden – movement or change… both individually + collectively. Out with the old (Saturn); in with the new (Uranus). The Uranian archetype is the Higher Mind + the great revolutionary.


Uranus in Aries is generally about revolutions of the Self. Depending on where this transpersonal planet shows up the individual’s natal chart, any experiencer may go through rounds and rounds of change with regard to identity. The energy suggests that impulsivity may be on “high” for these folks because there is such conviction in one’s assertion abilities. In fact, the Uranus in Aries native may appear to be quite ruthless! Again, that depends on Uranus’ connection to other luminaries + the experiencer’s house placement for the energy. How the energy is channeled and expressed is up to their Higher Mind. Regardless, one might expect any generation of people with this archetype to be fiercely independent in their own right. Individuals with this frequency are often pioneers in and for collective change – the kind that, at the very least, benefits the Self! Feel free to learn more about this energy + yours in a reading…


Uranus in Taurus is generally engaged with various revolutions on the material plane. That includes finances, beauty, art, or anything sensory (particularly touch), and the Earth itself. People born with Uranus in Taurus tend to be experiencers of great ups and great downs. For example, the United States was going through The Great Depression during a Uranus in Taurus period. So while those already here got to experience that time… those born during that time basically carry that type of imprinting with them internally. How the frequency is channeled and expressed is up to the individual’s Higher mind connection. Some may be born with sensory sensitivities. Some may naturally become activists for the Earth (with focus on greed and/or waste) or channelers of new forms of artistic work or expression. Some may even be the lottery winners of the world. Uranus is already a kind of up-and-down energy; when funneled through Taurus, there is usually something going on within the collective that demands change on the material level. We are headed for another Uranus in Taurus revolution in May of 2018 – can you feel it? I know I can! Further details for YOU in a reading here!


The Uranus in Gemini native tends to have a focus on progressing the mental plane of existence. People born with Uranus in Gemini may be the bringers of new technologies because they know how the mind operates + they know how it may gather more information more quickly. They may be fast talkers, mentally scattered, and/or geniuses. Uranus is lightning bolt energy already – it is like the “aha!” planet. The individual experiencing Uranian energy in Gemini will filter information uniquely, but like everyone else, they will channel + share how to look at things with some originality. They may be eccentric or highly individualistic writers, speakers, speech writers, spiritual channelers, etc. It is all about communication – and the Higher Mind connection will likely come through strongly for the Uranus in Gemini native! Further detail in a unique reading…


Uranus in Cancer generations tend to have an interesting connection to home, family, roots, and the internal emotional compass. The emotional world is often heightened regardless, and if channeled well, the Uranus in Cancer native has a lending hand in re-directing emotions into something “new.” The new may change the family dynamic as much as the family dynamic changes them. There may be ancestral history to change, and a newly re-written story may emerge for collective Soul progress. This energy is about a revolution of the “roots” – whatever they may be. There is a clear back-and-forth energy here, which is a universal motif in a lot of ways… but people with this type of frequency tend to have a stronger focus on it all. Think early 1950s. Essentially, Uranus in Cancer contains an inherent tension + a possibly felt obligation to make waves… both internally and externally. That’s how this energy flows – between precise science or logic and the fluidity of emotional experience. Further detail in a reading…


Uranus in Leo energy may be experienced as something rather ethereal that shifts the collective consciousness of the Will. We have varying beliefs on what “the Will” actually is since we are continually parsing through what concepts like the “psyche” or the “Creator” are all about. Is it inside? Outside? Both? Neither? The Uranus in Leo generation may unconsciously + consciously re-direct focus to those types of questions. It is a certain mix of archetypal energy that can be quite empowering – no matter how we land with it. As an individual, the Uranus in Leo native may go through things in life that embolden them to take on more of a leadership role – in any and all areas of experience. The concept of creation may be owned more responsibly… in other words, the idea that each of us is a Creator may become realized + more intentionally worked with on various levels. The idea of creativity is key here, no matter how it is filtered. Receive further detail on YOUR energy in a personalized reading, Creator! 


Uranus in Virgo may show up in a few noticeable ways. The mental activity that is Mercury-driven may lend itself toward grounding/rooting… or it may scatter itself all around the original focus and lose sight of where anything even began! That’s Uranus + Virgo for you. The individual Uranus in Virgo experiencer may be painfully aware of an internal and/or external warring of opposites going on. The tensions are usually based on stories or ideas or voices that are collected + pieced together over time. It may be wise to avoid going down a rabbit hole with this energy. The perpetuation of any single cell of information can easily be twisted – generated from what feels like two worlds. Then again… that same twisted-ness carries great potential for bringing something completely new and innovative to the world. Essentially, there is a delicate balance for the Uranus in Virgo native – and for the generations experiencing this energy. Think all of the 1960s. It is one thing to have an idea take off an lead a life of its own; it is another to have an idea fester and breed more of its own assumptions and presumptions and speculations into Reality. Learn more in your unique reading!


The Uranus in Libra individual tends to be about revolutionizing collective relations.The information that comes through these individuals can become something like the archetypal role of the diplomat – seeking peace + justice for all on a global scale. Although Uranus is a transpersonal/collective luminary, each individual will filter and direct the energy uniquely; Uranus is also a link to the Higher Mind. On a personal level, the Uranus in Libra native may have erratic, sudden (beginning and/or ending), or eccentric partnerships – romantic or otherwise. They may be called to focus + balance their own minds, which may send out a ripple effect somehow. More insight into the where + the how for this energy’s expression can be understood through the natal House placement. Regardless, the overall strength in mediating skills – internally + externally – generally ripens over time for the Uranus in Libra individual. Learn more through your natal chart reading!


The Uranus in Scorpio native may go through frequent and intense changes during their lifetime. Both Uranus and Scorpio act as sirens for change… the difference is that Uranus is a rather left-brained frequency, while Scorpio tends to be a heavily right-brained activity. As with any other placement, Uranus in Scorpio can find expression in a myriad of forms. This dynamic duo deals with power structures – on both a personal + collective level. That may mean the Uranus in Scorpio individual has a compelling desire for some position of power and/or some drive for emotional freedom. No matter the identified + intentional path, one might expect there to be a number of upheavals along the way, and collective healing may result… for the Uranian energy is the ultimate leader in the mix. In short, the Uranus in Scorpio native carries a certain signature that attracts and marks progressively transformative experiences – particularly on the emotional level. Learn more about your unique distillation of this energy in a reading


Uranus in Sagittarius marks a particular revolution of the Mind. Those born with this frequency tend to have an open, original, expansive, and perhaps even gluttonous range of interest with relation to spirituality, philosophy, Higher Mind, and the collective consciousness. The call to adventure + a pioneering spirit may be quite strong for the Uranus in Sagittarius native. Both Uranus and Sagittarius are archetypes that connect through spontaneity in their modes of expression. When blended a certain way, people born with this influence can become quite cosmopolitan! These are the truth-seekers on overdrive. The word philanthropic comes to mind strongly for this frequency… the Uranus in Sagittarius individual may feel like they are on a mission to affect + ultimately effect positive change for the collective consciousness somehow. The downside to this type of energy may show up in those that go to extremes and get “stuck” there somehow. Generally, however, that is not the case as Uranus in Sagittarius will make sure to keep things moving! Receive your natal chart reading for more details on this energy + more…


Uranus in Capricorn can be a rather tense dynamic to navigate. As mentioned earlier, Uranus is Saturn turned on its side. Saturn’s horizontal rings starkly contrast the vertical rings we see for Uranus from our earthly perspective. Here we have the Aquarian planet (Uranus) seemingly held captive by the “old” Capricorn (Saturn) influence. It is important to note the overall cycle here… people born with this frequency come after Uranus in Sagittarius energy + before Uranus in Aquarius energy. Uranus in Capricorn is an energy that makes us slow down before we jump into the next collective paradigm shift. Think early 1990s + The Internet explosion. Uranus in Capricorn can show us how to take what we’ve recently gathered, and flip it into whatever will be “good for business.” It is the re-cognition point with Uranian energy. For the individual born with this imprinting, the practical + proper energy (Capricorn) may feel like a weight for the naturally freedom-oriented + unconventional luminary (Uranus). It can feel like a burden to bear, or at least a bit of a drag for the individual experiencer – particularly after the Uranian energy has moved onto another sign (or two, or three, or four…). Still, after some experience + struggle, the Uranus in Capricorn native can, will be, or already is the boss of new business. Feel free to learn more about your energetic filter in a natal chart reading!


Uranus in Aquarius is at home! The Uranus in Aquarius individual will most likely have an easier time with their own Uranian energy, regardless of the natal chart placement. Even if the chart is heavily “personal” or themed toward “the past” somehow, this energy helps to move the native along on their unique journey. They may have a more palpable connection to their own Higher Mind. The major themes for Aquarius are highlighted here: individualistic, aloof, friendly, collective-oriented, humanitarian-focused, and more. The House placement gives greater insight + clarity into how this energy is showing up for the individual, but regardless of personal connection… the frequency is a part of the collective consciousness that wants to support + cater to the overall progress at work. Think late 1990s – early 2000s. The groups of Souls incarnated with this imprint essentially help to further whatever was agreed upon up to that point (e.g., The Internet). Look at a few previous Uranian placements to filter what resonates as far as what may have been built (Uranus in Capricorn, Uranus in Sagittarius, Uranus in Scorpio…). And, learn more in your unique natal chart reading!


Uranus in Pisces can be about both ideals + denials – collectively + personally. Due to the general empathic quality that Pisces suggests, there is a potential for helping or hurting anything along the way… here we have a revolution of Reality. This frequency is quite necessary to experience – in order to cut through the BS and see the Whole for what it is. Uranus is the Higher Mind. When it navigates through Piscean waters, we reach a point where illusions become more noticeable. The Uranus in Pisces native will be more prone to taking on the collective energy – at any point in their life. When they are born, their imprinting suggests a certain sensitivity to what is going on… and often the NOW becomes more felt as time dissolves. Individuals from this generation may be extremely objective observers of the global/universal/dimensional/etc. realms. When channeled well through their own connection to Higher Mind, the Uranus in Pisces native may bring us awakenings on various levels. Their energy has a ripple effect, which can penetrate timelines – both “previous” and “future.” We are still experiencing their energy now… and always will. More on this imprint – for those going out + those that recently came in: receive your unique natal chart reading here!