ART | I | FACTS – No. 20



Fact :: I did this random doodle art the same night as Art | I | Fact No. 19. It didn’t look like anything to me until the following morning after seeing Kali the destroyer had taken down and/or broken roughly 6 ornaments. So, I guess my unconscious was trying to tell me something?

ART | I | FACTS – No. 18


Fact :: I had the itch to do some art tonight, but not any art”work.” I love creating, or… letting something come through me to create. When I feel pressure to create, even if it is self-imposed, I tend to HAVE to doodle before getting back into the flow of other more structured projects (e.g., c h A R T s, three in the works, next offerings, next deck design, and so much more). I freed up some energy here back to finishing projects tomorrow!