ART | I | FACTS – No. 19


Fact :: I decided to take my own medicine given to a client and just BE while doing something today. My mind usually falls into this balancing act easily + naturally when I draw or paint or create without a presupposed purpose. After I felt like ten to fifteen minutes was up with this doodle, I saw the fire symbol embedded in a flower. Perfect for moving from Sun in Sagittarius to Sun in Capricorn + Solstice!

The Sun.

The Sun says “I will.”


The Sun in Aries marks a will that desires action all the time! The person with their Sun in Aries may express qualities like that of impulsivity, or action-before-thought, aggressiveness, assertiveness, and the like. Think RAM qualities here as well. The desire for action and “fireworks” depends upon the overall amalgamation of energies otherwise suggested by the unique chart; regardless, the person with their Sun in Aries may easily become bored when things are not moving along (often at a quick pace).


The Sun in Taurus marks a will that desires stability and rootedness. The person with their Sun in Taurus may express qualities like that of the slow and methodical builder, the fiscal conservative, the self-sufficient, and the like. Think BULL qualities here as well. The desire for stability and safety may or may not come “at any cost” to the person with the Sun in Taurus; however, it takes a keen eye and awareness of other overall energy patterns to understand how this will manifest individually and uniquely. 


The Sun in Gemini marks a will that desires a constant array of mental activities. The person with their Sun in Gemini may express qualities like that of the trivia fanatic, or the one who knows random tidbits of information on any topic around. This sign carries with it a strong desire to learn something new everyday – from the way a car works to whom his or her neighbor is having over for dinner. Gemini is the sign of “the twins” and may switch expression often. The desire for constant mental stimulation and change may appear scattered, but in general, this appearance is simply part of an energetic quality stemming from its fast-moving ruling planet: Mercury. 


The Sun in Cancer marks a will that desires peace, particularly internally and emotionally. The person with their Sun in Cancer may express qualities like that of the homebody, the quiet one, the maternal protector, and the like. Think CRAB qualities here as well (e.g., sideways movement, shelled, etc.). The desire for peace may or may not come off as passive-aggressive; still, and often times, this type of description is one that the Cancer Sun person may hear or internalize. The whole and individual chart needs to be understood in order to fully describe the uniqueness of each Cancer Sun person – often times what appears to be “passive-aggressive” is actually rooted in not wanting to hurt others so as to maintain equilibrium and peace.


The Sun in Leo marks a strong will – and that makes sense since the Sun itself rules the sign of Leo. The person with their Sun in Leo may be quite expressive, in general! Qualities associated with the Leo Sun native include keywords like creative, expressive, the celebrity, the gamer, the lover, the fun one, and the like. Think LION qualities here as well. Ascertaining how these types of qualities manifest certainly takes a keen eye; in fact, those with a Leo Sun are often times quite shy underneath it all. The desire to will the wholly unique identity into being takes courage, and the person with their Sun in Leo will often rise to the occasion (think: pride). 


The Sun in Virgo marks a will that desires to be of service to others. The person with their Sun in Virgo may express qualities like that of Mother Theresa (a Virgo Sun person, by the way): grounded, logical, caring, service-oriented, humble, and with a mind and eye for overall health and well-being. Virgo is represented by the virgin. Like Gemini, Virgo is also ruled by Mercury, but the energy is grounded in the earth element. In effect, and to be clear, “the virgin” symbol is really just a symbol for that of purity: if anyone can rid the earth of toxins and impurities, the person with the Virgo Sun may just be your guy or gal to do it! The Virgo Sun native cannot be fully understood simply by their Sun’s energy, though. In fact, the detailed quality inherent to Virgoan energy may not like this generic description in the slightest! 


The Sun in Libra marks a will that desires to be in harmony and balance. The person with their Sun in Libra may express qualities like that of the mediator, the perspectivist, the fair-minded, the neutral, or the one who seeks justice. Think of the SCALES of balance here – the Libra Sun desires equality through diplomacy. How the Libra Sun native goes about enacting this will takes more discernment than this simple and general explanation of the Will itself. 


The Sun in Scorpio marks a will that desires intense transformation. The person with their Sun in Scorpio may express qualities like that of passion, power or empowerment, emotional intensity, reactivity (and sometimes over-reaction), and the like. Think SCORPION qualities here as well. The desire for transformation often means complete and total destruction of something “old” so that room for the “new” is offered space to (re)build and thrive. This type of energy and its use does not necessarily just happen for the Sun in Scorpio individual. In fact, it takes a lot of other factors (particularly Mars for this sign, as it is with all Sun signs) to determine how this energy may be felt or expressed. 


The Sun in Sagittarius marks a will that desires expansiveness in all its glory! The person with their Sun in Sagittarius may express a certain quality of wisdom, which is often sought after and through expansive experience. Archetypes like the seeker, the gypsy, the adventurer or traveller, the non-committal type, and the like all fall within the realm of possibility for the Sun in Sagittarius native. This desire for wisdom and freedom can be understood as the will to connect to the “higher mind.” Think of a CENTAUR for this energy as well. 


The Sun in Capricorn marks a will that desires recognition. The person with their Sun in Capricorn may express qualities like that of a teacher, a judge, a businessman or woman, a paternal or fatherly type, and the like. Think MOUNTAIN GOAT qualities here as well (e.g., climbing to the top of a metaphorical mountain). The desire for recognition can be understood through the word ‘recognition’ itself: re-cognition. As the sign that follows Sagittarius, it is in the Capricorn Sun that we find the will to ground all the Sagittarian “higher mind” learning (re-cognition) into a career, a worldly ambition or goal, or otherwise. 


The Sun in Aquarius marks a will that desires progressiveness. The person with their Sun in Aquarius (an air sign, contrary to what many want to believe is a water sign) may express qualities like that of eccentricity, future-mindedness, the appearance of not being grounded, otherworldly, and the like. Think ELECTRIC qualities here as well. The symbol for Aquarius is “the water-bearer,” and yet its image is really in line with pouring new energy into something already there or “old.” I personally think of the fact that Aquarius is ruled by Uranus – the previous sign’s ruler, Saturn, turned on its side. It is the movement from the “old order” (horizontal rings, Saturn) to a “new order” (vertical rings, Uranus). The desire for progressiveness – and the ‘where’ and ‘how’ that may show up for an individual with Sun in Aquarius – can really only be understood through further inspection…whether in the individual natal chart or in interaction and engagement with the energy somehow. 


The Sun in Pisces marks a will that desires unity or Oneness. The person with their Sun in Pisces may express qualities such as nebulousness, ambiguity, a lack in boundaries, psychic sensitivity, in-tune spirituality, and the like. Think of FISH qualities here as well (e.g., “schools” of fish as collective organisms, etc.). The symbol for Pisces is essentially two fish swimming in opposite directions, and yet they are united at their centers. This is Pisces energy, where oppositions and paradox and the duality that many of us experience are seamlessly connected and united into One.