Saturn ultimately teaches us where we have the opportunity to free ourselves. It teaches us where we are blocked or bound. It calls on us to face fear and turn our weakness into strength. We grow from Saturn’s lessons – however painful they may be.


Saturn in Aries is not an easy placement; then again, anything Saturnine is not necessarily easy. Since Mars is associated with Aries, essentially this energy lends itself to a block in all things Marsian: action on behalf of the Will, assertion, anger, self-confidence, etc. In other words, the person with Saturn in Aries may appear to lack self-assertion, be preemptively defensive due to fear of being attacked, appear unselfish, turn anger inwards, and have blockages in showing vulnerability. Essentially, the “me-first” fire of Aries is stifled by Saturn. However, if Saturn’s energy is faced head-on, the Saturn in Aries native has a lovely opportunity to actually be clear on identity and become “first” in many ways. House placement is important for any planet in astrology – it offers focus on the ‘where’ the energy shows up. Where is your Saturn in Aries? Learn more through a reading with me if you can will yourself to!


Saturn in Taurus energy can be a teller of that good old rags-to-riches story. That can mean a story of struggle and neglect early in life turned into a life of luxury, love and peace later on. That can also mean a story of learning what is truly valuable + what truly offers security to the individual – not the cultural/societal stories we are sold (if we buy them). That’s the key to freedom for the Saturn in Taurus native: to consciously “buy” things based on a strong internal compass connected to Love. The fear (Saturn) stems from a desire for possession. From literal possessions or material things to less tangible concepts, like security. Greed is often attributed with this energy – whether internally or externally; in greed, there is fear, and in fear, we meet Saturn. Can you face your humanity and find riches in what you truly value? That is the question that Saturn in Taurus asks. If you want to dig deeper, book a natal chart reading with me here.


The Saturn in Gemini native may have trouble breathing. Literally and/or figuratively. Since Mercury is associate with Gemini, this energy basically blocks all things mercurial: the mind, the intellect, the hands, the voice, the lungs, etc. Gemini is about communication – that flow of information in + information out. It is about taking in new knowledge, which generally becomes quite layered over time as the pace of the energy demands an accrual of a vast amount of information. Add a dose of Saturn to the mix, and the naturally curious energy of a modern-day Gemini somehow experiences a dammed-up Internet. Parental (or governmental) blocks working overtime to try to control what is fed to the recipient. Saturn in Gemini is a serious one (like all Saturnine energy), and if anything appears to be too “superficial,” it just won’t fly. The freedom ticket for the individual with Saturn in Gemini is to be open + curious about everything. How do you get there? Face your fear, wherever it is placed. Check out more with an in-depth look at your natal chart – if you are curious enough, of course.


Saturn in Cancer is a difficult placement for the emotional body. Those born with Saturn in Cancer tend to come from broken homes, or homes where full access to the feeing of security + protection are not felt. There is somehow a block to familial connection with this placement. The overall energy can lend itself to a fear of emotional intimacy – and yet, it is that very thing that is longed for. These individuals want a happy home + a happy family; however, they may not know what that really is. That’s their key, though. Usually after searching for security, protection, roots, or a “tribe” somehow, the Saturn in Cancer native will ultimately learn that they must rely on their inner reality. Buying vast amounts of land or a bunch of homes isn’t the true security they are ultimately searching for. Basically, any type of outer emotional dependency doesn’t work for this energy – it is blocked by Saturn, who wants to teach another path. When the inner sense of security is invested in, an unshakable sense of self-acceptance + security is formed. It cannot be lost or taken away once the true emotional center is discovered. Want to learn more? Book a reading!


Saturn in Leo will be a Self-realized energy when Saturn’s lessons are worked with. As an initial imprint, the Saturn in Leo native essentially has an built-in block between self + Self. In other words, little ego + Higher Self are waiting for a stronger bridge to be built. Often for the Saturn in Leo native, there exists a noticeable barrier to creative expression and what it offers for the Self. Even those that are extremely creative tend to miss the “point” of their expression until the process of creating is more fully invested in. I tend to think of the difference between product-oriented art and process-oriented art for this energy; the benefits for Saturn in Leo will be in more process-oriented expression. Underneath it all, these individuals seem to not understand their own importance and lack in self-love until they grow with the path that Saturn is offering. Their freedom comes when a trust in the overall process of life is leaned on. The joyful, child-like, playful, curious, and incredibly loving energy is sparked when these natives let ego take a backseat to their true Self. They won’t need an audience to give them praise or love or recognition – they can just BE and be peaceful in that space. If you want to dig deeper, feel free to learn more in a reading from me here!


Saturn in Virgo wonders about health, order, and routine. What does it all mean? The opportunity for the Saturn in Virgo native is in a very focused uniting of the mind-body connection. The “how” and the “where” of this energy is as detailed and scattered/vast in possibility as the sign Virgo, itself. There may be chronic illness, general disease or disorder, and/or an overall sense of discomfort within the environment they find themselves in. Still, there is opportunity for growth from that space – Saturn would guarantee that if someone could hear it. Essentially, the Saturn in Virgo individual is quite sensitive to both the inner and outer realms. Individual filtering is key; regardless, though, the root fear for this energy can be traced to a sense of things being out of order. Even “too much” order can feel disorderly for this energy type. The body-mind balance is the the key to finding freedom for any Saturn in Virgo experiencer. The mind and the body need to find their alignment with one another so that daily structure has a purposeful or meaningful service involved – felt and understood through the body. The freedom is to be at peace in a service role of some kind…for self, other, etc. How does that land in your body, Saturn in Virgo? Dig deeper with me through a reading, if you feel it!


The Saturn in Libra individual is concerned with being alone. All signs/energies are met with projection of ‘other,’ but that human experience is heightened with Saturn in Libra. Libra essentially marks the beginning of connecting more to ‘other’ than the first 6 signs in the archetype. When Saturn is placed in that energetic field, the individual is more prone to feeling a weakness – and yet a responsibility – to truly connect with an ‘other.’ Here we have the opportunity to turn weakness into strength and to live beyond the limiting forces of Saturn. When unattended to internally, ‘other’ may appear to “the responsible one,” which creates a dependency pattern within the relationship. That leaning on tends to elicit fear of pain, loneliness, isolation, rejection and disappointment – or those things all manifest and felt. Once the realization of a projected self is worked through, the Saturn in Libra native can find the key to his or her freedom: balancing opposites. Rather than sacrificing true love for a sense of comfort or safety (within the confines or Saturnine control/power), the Saturn in Libra individual can break free into true happiness. THAT is his or her actual duty – not the duty felt from the initial imprint of the energy. If you want to navigate this placement further, it is usually better to balance the whole natal chart with a reading – from me or an other!


The Saturn in Scorpio native is working on feelings – but not just individual feelings. At this point in the overall cycle of the zodiac, the energy has shifted into dealing with ‘other’ more fully as well. Where Cancer is first dealing with the inner reality of emotion, Scorpio is tasked with handling that inner reality + another’s emotional experience. Saturn in Scorpio energy is basically about strengthening in the area of emotional exchange. Yet, emotional exchange happens in so many areas of life (the financial level, the sexual level, the creative/procreative level, etc.) that it may be better to say the Saturn in Scorpio experiencer is bringing the overall exchange of energy with another to light. The fear with this placement is two-fold because not only is Saturnine energy involved, but the power + mystery of Scorpio energy enters in as well. Fears may be more pronounced: fear of emotional intimacy or connection, fear of death or change, fear of submission, fear of loss of control, fear of the unknown, and so on. If left unchecked, these types of fears will often attract numerous experiences of disappointment in emotional connection – often in the most sensitive, vulnerable, or intimate parts of a person’s psyche. So how does the Saturn in Scorpio individual break free? The awareness (often times coming through a crisis/awakening due to Plutonic forces involved) of the flow of emotion both inside and out is key. This imprinting can lend itself to potent + powerful healing and/or healers – ones that seem to carry a magical, mysterious quality about them. Where is this signature showing up for you? Book a reading with me to tap into your power more fully!


Saturn in Sagittarius is ultimately dealt Aces on looking for meaning in life. In other words, while we all may have an inner desire to find meaning as life rolls along, the Saturn in Sagittarius native will have a far stronger pull – and sometimes a noticeable stronger anchor – in seeking + finding meaning to existence. The Hermetic axiom “as above, so below” is a simple, succinct mantra for this energetic field of experience. The experiencer usually has to undergo some kind of loss of faith in life as Saturn’s gravity pulls one to learn through its hexagonal vortex or storm. The opportunity for internal/external freedom presents itself through that loss of faith – whether through an initial dogmatic upbringing turned on its side or through a peak experience where whatever is termed ‘God’ is met with more directly. Or… through an incessant rebellion + mistrust in authority of all sorts. However the path unfolds for the Saturn in Sagittarius individual, the purpose can be clearly felt to create individual meaning for one’s life + existence. And, Sagittarian energy (ruled by the expansive + benevolent Jupiter) is about JOY – the native just has to get past whatever roadblocks Saturn has erected to get there. How can YOU get there? You have the answers inside, but it might help to dialogue more through a reading


Saturn in Capricorn is at home! This position amplifies the Saturn energy – no matter what house it shows up in. Capricorn + Saturn carry keywords like authority, success, honor, ambition, achievement, etc. Things of the outer, public life. With this placement, one may have experienced a rather authoritative or burdensome (or both) mother/father figure – usually one with a focus on material values. Due to such a narrow view, the emotional body of the Saturn in Capricorn native tends to get neglected or entangled in some sort of complex with the dominant parental figure. This energy is essentially about one’s “role” in life, and the Saturn in Capricorn individual must eventually will himself to create his own role. Saturn tends to slow things down though… so the cautious climb to the peak one is seeking is usually met with obstacles, delays, and restrictions. It is an arduous process for most. Ultimately though, the Saturn in Capricorn individual will, along the way, realize the beauty of free will itself. When the energy is really embraced and harnessed, he or she can absolutely receive the recognition desired. For this energy signature, freedom and success go hand-in-hand.


Saturn in Aquarius is like the Steve Jobs in innovation, where personal recognition just flows from a strong commitment + dedication to bring something to the collective. In early life, the Saturn in Aquarius individual will most likely be that – an individual. In some form or another, this energy signature tends to stand alone. Even in a crowd or with others, there is often a felt sense of separateness. Freedom for the Saturn in Aquarius native can be found when the sense of not belonging is met with taking the lead. Owning one’s differences can be difficult, but when it is, a shining light beacons the group. Of course, as with all of life, there is a paradox to deal with for the Saturn in Aquarius energy: some with this imprint may feel scarily ordinary. Their ordinariness, too, cuts them off from the totality of group life because they do not like being boxed into a label like “ordinary.” Again, they are fraught with the task of taking the lead somehow – for the collective good. Underneath it all, the Saturn in Aquarius native is inclined to see where things are heading. He or she knows what the collective needs to progress… and, with the help of the few they truly call ‘friend,’ new communities + ways of thinking, being, or working in the world can emerge.


Saturn in Pisces is a rather crepuscular energy: it lives between two worlds. Here we have both endings + beginnings, night + day, earth + spirit, etc. All of it – the duality is spliced. Individuals born with Saturn in Pisces tend to lead lives in open service or in literal/figurative prisons – sometimes both (simultaneously even). No matter how it shows up, this energy tends to be naturally in accordance with a grander service to the Whole. Basically, when a very earthy, grounded, and honor-bound planet like Saturn meets up with Piscean energy, all of Saturn’s natural workings are dissolved. Defenses + structures are obliterated. The Being holding this imprint is often left feeling very vulnerable/raw in any and all environments. Yet, and even though it may feel out of one’s control, the Saturn in Pisces individual holds a unique beauty for all of the world to see: they help others to remember who they are… who True Self is (and sometimes, why). The freedom for any Saturn in Pisces native is, in short, to be authentically Self. Issues arise when Saturn energy is tapped into to try to protect the Self – it doesn’t work, and the path must go inward. Ultimately, Saturn in Pisces individuals are tasked with the responsibility to believe they are always safe + on path by connecting more deeply with themselves on a much broader level. In this way, they serve… and serve well.