ART | I | FACTS – No. 28



Fact :: I just wanted to draw the night I did this doodle – before getting into my new project more. I literally willed this drawing into existence + whatever happened, happened. Feeling a similar momentum for what’s next ⭐️ Can’t wait to see how things naturally unfold. Discover or re-discover your W I L L 🔥

ART | I | FACTS – No. 27



Fact :: I just discovered the crayon emoji, and used it for the first time on my Instagram account @maieutic.arts 🤗Also, I feel like this random doodle looks like an explosion of crayons. So! It will, naturally, be added to my Color Me Magic page on my website – free coloring pages to print at home! Enjoy 💕

ART | I | FACTS – No. 23


Fact :: I will be uploading more Color Me Magic pages to my website – free coloring pages to print at home! For some reason, this doodle makes me think of a double helix or chakras… what do you see?

ART | I | FACTS – No. 21



Fact :: After tracing around a candle holder to start, I thought this six-sided thing would about Saturn. Why would I decide that?! I mean, Saturn has a hexagonal thing happening at its core, but not all six-sided things are connected to Saturn. For some reason, I wanted to add some snakes to it, and they ended up being Caduceus snakes, related to Hermes + healing/medicine. I need to read this book, Saturn Run, by John Sandford ASAP.