+ Improper City + Denver, CO

J A N U A R Y 3 0 T H, 2 0 1 9 !

I’ve not done well with my blog posts about live events that I do – mostly because I don’t do that much, but also because I am usually wrapped up in the momentum outside of “social media” to, well, be social with my work…

Next one up though, and I am “early” for posting here! Music + Art + Readings! My seeester @zanibmusic (on Instagram) will be performing alongside a number of other super talented musicians at Improper City in Denver, CO! I will be there with some goodies (dream catchers, prints), and it will be one of the last nights for the next pre-order on my first of many self-created + self-published Oracle Decks. These will go out on or around Valentines Day 🏹 Plus! I will be doing some readings (astrology + oracle/tarot) alongside my dear friend @mihanzz (on Instagram) too!

SO, if you’re around Denver on January 30th, swing by or a night of magic + love 🤩


ART | I | FACTS – No. 6



Fact :: I really wanted to do another black + white SOMETHING tonight. However, publishing life is a thing. And it takes a lot of time. Plus, I have self-imposed deadlines. So. Until tomorrow… check out a few of the paintings I did for my oracle deck – In black + white! Yay! Feel absolutely SO free to donate toward publishing + get goodies for your support! Also, check out @i.am.becoming for pre-order info on the first edition. Coming so soon… JUNE = READY FOR SHIPMENT! Black + White video with all the cards posted @maieutic.arts on Instagram.

ART | I | FACTS – No. 3


FACT :: I like triangles. I like asymmetry – even in sound, always have. I started this piece last night with the idea of fingerprints + magnetics in mind. Kind of toying with my second Oracle Deck design. How this one turned out is an eery reminder of the US dollar + school + The Illuminati. Yep. Well. That’s what can happen with basics, I guess? Also it is officially Taurus season… this random creation was NOT planned to line up that way. Normal life for me.