Phases of the Moon: Day Sixteen.

Don’t worry. This Phases of the Moon series will be done soon, and I will head back to the land of humor. Impermanence laws suggest that things change + fade away.

Ironically, this post was mysteriously altered/deleted as I was about to hit “Publish.” So. There’s that. (Sorry I didn’t fulfill my super special promise for this day).

Happy International Tarot Day + Full Moon in Capricorn!

July 8th, 2017.

Phases of the Moon: Day Fifteen.

That’s all I got for you tonight. Oh, and also I am now on Instagram @maieutic.arts.

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July 7th, 2017.

Phases of the Moon: Day Nine.

I finally added an Instagram account into my life @maieutic.arts…

I thought I would send a shout out to someone else there for the day as I work on other artwork more close to my heart. This meme was perfect. Check out @Oliviabosschick on Instagram!

Also this is probably a likely rendition of what the moon looked like today…Happy July 1st, 2017 everyone!