Phases of the Moon: Day Thirteen.

I did not realize “why” I felt drawn to doing some card readings for these daily posts lately. We are so close to the Full Moon in Capricorn. That’s my 12th House/ASC in astrology world…which explains the unconscious energy (“why am I doing this now?”). Apparently, International Tarot Day just so happens to fall on the same day as the Full Moon!

So, I will do something that day (July 8th) here. I’m not sure what. And, after this series, I will go back to stick figure/simple humor somehow :). For now, I will keep pulling cards and working on other art as my heart desires. That said…today I pulled the cards above. Well, the first one fell out of the box like a fish jumping out of its fish bowl. I asked the question, “how can anyone who reads this feel into their change(s)?”

-What I get here is two-fold. One, the unconscious energies floating around seem to want to jump out of their small world – to expand. The fish card literally jumped out as I stated before, and the moon in the card brings me back to previous posts on the moon. Specifically, Phases of the Moon: Day Six. Often, anger fuels us into action, into movement, into change.

-The second card feels like the conscious achievement of the unconscious seed (the fish) – if allowed to grow, of course. This card feels secure – for the most part. There is a “nesting” quality about it…but there is also the shadow warning of “don’t put all your eggs in one basket.” Feeding off of The Fish card, I do feel like there are two main paths the unconscious may move into consciousness…much like the symbolism involved with Pisces. What are YOU wanting to create as you expand?

July 5th, 2017.

Phases of the Moon: Day Twelve.

I cannot see the Moon tonight for inspiration. The sky still looks like this image. Also I don’t feel like doing artwork and my nails are drying. Excuses, excuses, right?

July 4th, 2017.

Phases of the Moon: Day Eleven.

I am still working on other artwork that calls to me lately, but I am committed to my own contract with this series. Which specifically gave me freedom based on my moods/ intentional awareness with the Moon.

Interestingly, I am doing another watercolor of Jupiter in the piece I am working on… but I asked what the Moon had for us for tonight + tomorrow (Independence Day in the US). This image, from the Serpentfire Tarot deck, showed up.

“…represents raw potential….it is the process of change which is the focus of this card. Jupiter, large and calm, points towards fortune within the change we experience…the more we move in unison with change, the more fortunate we will be.” -Serpentfire Tarot, written by Devany Wolfe of S E R P E N T F I R E.

The question that comes to me is, “how are YOU stepping into change + abundance? What are you reaching for? What instinctual or fear-based patterns keep you in the illusion of lack? Who are you becoming? In honor of Independence Day in a country where independence is in question, I wonder what “independence” means to you.

July 3rd, 2017.

Phases of the Moon: Day Ten.

I decided to pull a card for today since I am called to work on other artwork right now. What is the moon trying to tell us about today? What are our needs? From the Mythical Goddess Tarot deck, I was guided to pull this card. The author, Sage Holloway, and the artist, Katherine Skaggs have this to say:

“The Child of Fire is the Creative Spark, the inner flame that is the essence of inspiration and creation that exists within every living thing. All aspects of her being are ignited with this creative force.” -Mythical Goddess Tarot deck book

What I get from the card, as I feel into it, is that there is an illumination going on. Something that was “missing” or “lost” may have returned somehow. This thing – be it physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, or otherwise was never really lost…but the joy of (re)discovery is like seeing a child light up with curiosity and joy at once.

    Happy July 2nd, 2017. 😘

Phases of the Moon: Day Nine.

I finally added an Instagram account into my life @maieutic.arts…

I thought I would send a shout out to someone else there for the day as I work on other artwork more close to my heart. This meme was perfect. Check out @Oliviabosschick on Instagram!

Also this is probably a likely rendition of what the moon looked like today…Happy July 1st, 2017 everyone!

Phases of the Moon: Day Eight.

This was for yesterday, June 30th, 2017. I did NOTHING. Here’s what the moon might’ve looked like…

Phases of the Moon: Day Seven.

“I am going to be full soon, hooray! Still only going to show you Earthlings one side of me, though. I am into shadows like that, OK? -Signed, The Moon.”    June 29th, 2017.

PS – even though I am an astrologer, I had no idea that the Moon was in Virgo today until just now. Makes sense why moons inside of a giant moon (Virgo-Pisces energy) came through for today’s daily artwork-play.