+ Improper City + Denver, CO

J A N U A R Y 3 0 T H, 2 0 1 9 !

I’ve not done well with my blog posts about live events that I do – mostly because I don’t do that much, but also because I am usually wrapped up in the momentum outside of “social media” to, well, be social with my work…

Next one up though, and I am “early” for posting here! Music + Art + Readings! My seeester @zanibmusic (on Instagram) will be performing alongside a number of other super talented musicians at Improper City in Denver, CO! I will be there with some goodies (dream catchers, prints), and it will be one of the last nights for the next pre-order on my first of many self-created + self-published Oracle Decks. These will go out on or around Valentines Day 🏹 Plus! I will be doing some readings (astrology + oracle/tarot) alongside my dear friend @mihanzz (on Instagram) too!

SO, if you’re around Denver on January 30th, swing by or a night of magic + love 🤩


|| SIGHT || NO. 1

ONLINE CLASS! I recently offered an online meet-up for creating mandalas + processing individual NOW moments. I created a very intentional + heartfelt prompt for those that signed up… this was the card from myself-published I AM BECOMING Oracle Deck that popped up in support! YAY!

So did the symbolism of Turtle… I won’t go into any of that here, Now. But if you come across this post + you are interested in creating your own unique mandala moment, feel free to contact me! This kind of “beginning” is great for Mentoring options I offer :). I am all about the creative process… as above, so below ❤

Blessings and Light to you!!!

Artwork done by Marlena McGuigan @ Maieutic-Arts.com. Copyright © 2018. All rights reserved.