Recipe No. 3 – How To Appear Mature.

Step One: Learn how to tie a tie. Male or female – makes no difference. Mature adults know how to tie ties.

Step Two: Open up a Roth IRA, a 401K, and learn how to talk about ROIs like it’s your job.

Step Three: Have dinner parties, game nights, or write a novel about your life. If you’re wanting to appear REALLY mature, you’ll do all three.


Recipe No. 2 – How To Get Skinny.

Step One: Keep up. I already shared on this topic.




Step Two: Stop reading this post, and get moving.

Keep Out of Reach of Children.

This Is How I Got Skinny is complete! Like a deck of cards, those 52 images + mini ideas offered something silly with each draw.

Keep Out of Reach of Children is the new daily blog made of, of course, more stick figure drawings. I’m sure I will show some real artistic talent here eventually.