Neptune says “I UNIONIZE.”



Anything Neptunian = obscurity. Enough said.


Neptune in Aries is about following the fire within to better the Whole. This energy can lean towards spiritual narcissism on a level since any “mission” in life may be unknowingly more ego-oriented than Higher Self aligned. Then again, it may be both – and for good reason in the Big Picture. Any noticeable pattern of confusion in life tends to be entangled with anger, assertion, and action overall. Mars is the ruler of Aries, and it is a certain type of consort with the Sun – the Will. The Will on its own is great… Mars’ energy lends the activating force for the Will. For certain vibrations, this energy can actually be quite beneficial in that it can completely dissolve boxes related to identity. Once the identity is surrendered, there is a felt limitless in life. We haven’t seen this energy pop up in natal charts since the mid-to-late 1800s; we will get to dive in again around 2025!


Neptune in Taurus may entice the collective energy to bring the spiritual to the material, or the material to the spiritual. What’s the difference? Good luck… you’re in Neptune land. Without going into too much detail, this energy asks to “keep building.” Over and over again, that’s what I hear. The Neptune in Aries energy will offer glimpses into how this part of the overall frequency will flow (if it can be captured at all – again, dealing with the ever-illusive Neptune). The late 1800s were the last time anyone lived the experience of this energy on the Earth plane; it will come around again near 2040. That being said, I won’t go into much more since we have more to deal with at the moment…!

Neptune IN Gemini

The Neptune in Gemini experience is one we haven’t had since the turn of the 20th century (early 1900s). It won’t show up again until around 2050… but I think it is beneficial to sense the patterns that are evolving – as we evolve collectively. What happened during that time? I cannot go through all of it… but what I am seeing in my 3rd eye is an exponential graphing. Something during this time “took off” and we will see it shift when we revisit it in the mid-2000s. I imagine (very Neptunian to imagine) the new generation born with this energy to be re-configuring how we communicate. It could be something as simple and innocuous as “changing the gridlines.” And, by then, that will be more simple to do. It could be something bigger like a natural + collective navigation into spiritual communication… with most everyone more innately aware of their capacities on that level. Think : telepathy. Truly, this energy beckons the phrase, “the sky’s the limit” – which isn’t even a solid phrase… thanks to Neptune!


Neptune in Cancer can be quite tied to the rhythms of “home” – whatever that means to the individual. We haven’t seen this placement in a natal chart since the first part of the 20th century (up to roughly 1915). We can surmise from the collective activity at that time though… and, we may get a glimpse into the spiraling change of this energetic form that will show up again in the second half of the 21st century. What I see from the most recent time period is a well-known event – the sinking of the Titanic. With an idealistic grandiosity (Neptune in Taurus + Neptune in Gemini), a group of Souls came together to create this ship. A natural, earthly, watery force took the whole thing down – and a group of Souls left this plane of existence. The message here is to respect our Mother Earth + her power… that theme appears in my mind (at present) when we energetically “go there” again. It may be wise to start shifting things NOW!


Neptune in Leo, oh one of the great Muses. There are most likely still people living now that have this natal imprint… this lasting frequency. Anyone in the 90s or early 100s now are included! Crazy to think about right? Up to roughly 1928, we as a global community experienced a lot of murky change with this generational force. It was about creating something “more” – whether consciously or unconsciously. Here was a period of great artistry + some mastery on the spiritual/ego levels, both. For example. Gandhi was arrested during a Neptune in Leo phase. He was born with Neptune in Aries (read above). It was like a war of ego + spirit met in a human body… and, he was arrested for sedition : his words supposedly “incited rebellion against the authorities (state, monarch, etc.).” Yep.. That’s Neptune in Leo for you. The Will + imagination + Higher Self connection is strong for these folks. They may be teaching us how to better create our Reality here.

Neptune IN Virgo

Neptune in Virgo is an interesting balancing act! Virgo + Pisces (Neptune’s sign) are facing each other with this energy. The Neptune in Virgo native last arrived around 1928 – 1942. These frequencies are still around, and they may be still delivering information on health, wellness, unity, etc. They may be extremely sensitive to the planet itself. Anything floating around – seen or unseen – can be absorbed through the mental body, the emotional body, and/or the physical body. That may be why there is a leaning towards finding ideal health – and many options may be explored. Allergies are common – often illusive with no consistent pattern until alignment with the Higher Self is met more. The dissolution of details may be key for those finding a certain obsession there. The search for “answers” can be moved through a spiritual discipline… and the ultimate personal answer is generally both unique + collectively-oriented at the same time.


The Neptune in Libra individual is unconsciously and/or consciously on a mission to provide equality. As the second air sign in the trilogy of the Air element, there may be a major contention with whatever balance is – on multiple levels. On a personal level (depending on House placement + connection with other luminaries), there may be a spiritual contract involving the development of harmonizing the masculine + feminine principles. It may be about experiencing polarity to a certain extreme… in order to find new balance – both internally + externally. The “black-and-white” theme comes on strong for these folks, as they are meant to, ultimately, leave a trace of information on how to blend better. To be comfortable with the grey. The most recent Neptune in Libra natives were born between 1942 -1956. Look at all the politicians/diplomats born during that time… and the energy may become clear for what we are experiencing now!

NEPTUNE IN scorpio

The Neptune in Scorpio individual may be consumed with mystery. Here we have the illusive + elusive meeting the depths + secrecy. These individuals, born between roughly 1957 – 1970, bring the Underworld to the Light. This time period enabled foci on what some still deem “conspiracy theories.” Nope. There is Truth in what was uncovered, and we will likely experience a nebulousness around this energy for a while. UFOs, aliens, government cover-ups… we feel this frequency bubbling up more and more as Neptune currently traverses through its home/companion sign, Pisces. The main thing to take note of here is the water trilogy + its cyclical undertones (see Neptune in Cancer, above + Neptune in Pisces, below). Life and death become more spiritually attuned with this energetic field. What “humanity” is comes into objective consideration… an alien race to “other” alien races is key to realize. What does it all mean? That’s the question this generation brought forth more… and their current carries it forward as other alignments light up the dark, over and over again.


Neptune in Sagittarius energy came in relatively recently (1970 – 1984 or so). The generation of people born with this frequency were and are apart of a collective consciousness movement aimed at refining how we view freedom, truth + Truth. The inherent nebulousness that Neptune energy carries mixed with the freedom-loving + exploratory Sagittarius archetype can show up in a multitude of ways. I tend to call this the ADHD generation because there seems to be a “lack of focus” going on in these experiencers. Without commenting on the rise in ADHD medication, I will share that the supposed “lack of focus” in this generation is an experience that asks for awareness. In other words, becoming more aware of things IS the focus – however scattered that awareness appears to be. The Neptune in Sagittarius native is equipped to feel into the intuitive faculties more. That means taking in a lot of information at once and distilling it into some truth, or, even larger Truth. The knowing that both truths + Truths change (through perspective, through “time,” etc.) tends to be a given for this frequency. Still, that doesn’t stop the energy from seeking + finding expression… over and over again. These are the liberators + manifestors involved in the dawning of a New Age.


Neptune in Capricorn is… my imprint. Disclaimer: My 12th House is 29 degrees Sag, and I have my Neptune at 1 degree of Capricorn. So the nebulousness of Neptune gets washed in a tub of Pisces (its home)… with a little bit of Capricorn on top. Or bottom? Somewhere in the middle? All of the above? Who is in “control” here? I am still figuring all of that out. With that said, my personal experience + objective observation of others holding this frequency seem to share a main ingredient: traversing through judgment + turning dreams into reality. The key for this energy is to navigate through the Neptunian abyss with a clear Capricorn goal or two in mind. Imagine climbing a mountain through fog – that’s Neptune in Capricorn. That image may be filtered through whatever the individual House placement is for the native. It may not be clear what’s ahead, but the knowing that there is a peak to reach simply asks for the climber to slow down along the way… to see and appreciate the details as they unfold. Coming off the heels of Neptune in Sagittarius, this energy is about the journey + exploration… with a (hopefully) solid + practical application for what was learned. Is the struggle real? Or is it only as real as we allow it to be? That’s a question these natives may be able to aid in answering.


Neptune in Aquarius – they’re baaaaack! This generation arrived between 1998 – 2012, or so. These are the innovative, creative rebels of our current era. On a collective level, we felt this energy sweep through those of us already here. The Internet was truly born… and it is in bloom. The bitcoin made an appearance. Robots + other expansions on technology became a thing. The idea of Artificial Intelligence in general showed up – on the philosophical, psychological + practical arenas. Older energies are still parsing through “how to catch up” in a lot of ways… particularly in the governmental realm. Here we have two transpersonal frequencies combining at full force to bring in the NEW. Unusual things come with the territory for the Neptune in Aquarius native; and, generally the “unusual” will become ‘the norm’ for the collective on some level or another. It takes a keen eye to see how previous cycles inform what is here + what is coming soon… can you sense it? The idea of “copyright” + “property rights” + rights in general are one piece of the current wave of energy. What else can we glean from previous cycles – particularly from Neptune in Libra onward? Feel free to share your thoughts/comments!


Neptune in Pisces is at home! We are still in the midst of welcoming in this new frequency. Hindsight is 20/20, right? Let’s check that saying in a decade or so (2026 +). In the mean time… what have we circulated energetically up to NOW? How might this new generation be informing us? Neptune in Pisces feels like the return of a marked “ending.” Of course that is rather obscure since we are dealing with both Neptune + Pisces… and the whole idea of Time is a ridiculous illusion anyhow. Those born with this frequency may help us to see illusion for what it is. There is a heightened sensitivity + awareness embedded in this imprinting. Natives may absorb + mirror vibrations both seen and unseen, for a collective shift – a supposed ending to some other way of Being. Clarity is in polarity to the fog that this energy holds… so it is through mindfulness that we may see it all. Particular access to the “big picture” may be common for individual born during this movement of energy – and the House placement + aspecting can show how + where they may contribute to that said “big picture.” The hard part for these Souls may be in a knowing that All is One while living a confusingly “separate” existence as a human. Then again, that’s where various paths in spirituality come in. A connection to the Soul, the Spirit, etc. tends to be more heavily experienced… unconsciously + consciously, both. Do you see these themes unfolding throughout the collective? I know I do!




Uranus is Saturn turned on its side. It is a transpersonal planet standing for progress in quite unexplored territory. It catalyzes new – and sometimes quite sudden – movement or change… both individually + collectively. Out with the old (Saturn); in with the new (Uranus). The Uranian archetype is the Higher Mind + the great revolutionary.


Uranus in Aries is generally about revolutions of the Self. Depending on where this transpersonal planet shows up the individual’s natal chart, any experiencer may go through rounds and rounds of change with regard to identity. The energy suggests that impulsivity may be on “high” for these folks because there is such conviction in one’s assertion abilities. In fact, the Uranus in Aries native may appear to be quite ruthless! Again, that depends on Uranus’ connection to other luminaries + the experiencer’s house placement for the energy. How the energy is channeled and expressed is up to their Higher Mind. Regardless, one might expect any generation of people with this archetype to be fiercely independent in their own right. Individuals with this frequency are often pioneers in and for collective change – the kind that, at the very least, benefits the Self! Feel free to learn more about this energy + yours in a reading…


Uranus in Taurus is generally engaged with various revolutions on the material plane. That includes finances, beauty, art, or anything sensory (particularly touch), and the Earth itself. People born with Uranus in Taurus tend to be experiencers of great ups and great downs. For example, the United States was going through The Great Depression during a Uranus in Taurus period. So while those already here got to experience that time… those born during that time basically carry that type of imprinting with them internally. How the frequency is channeled and expressed is up to the individual’s Higher mind connection. Some may be born with sensory sensitivities. Some may naturally become activists for the Earth (with focus on greed and/or waste) or channelers of new forms of artistic work or expression. Some may even be the lottery winners of the world. Uranus is already a kind of up-and-down energy; when funneled through Taurus, there is usually something going on within the collective that demands change on the material level. We are headed for another Uranus in Taurus revolution in May of 2018 – can you feel it? I know I can! Further details for YOU in a reading here!


The Uranus in Gemini native tends to have a focus on progressing the mental plane of existence. People born with Uranus in Gemini may be the bringers of new technologies because they know how the mind operates + they know how it may gather more information more quickly. They may be fast talkers, mentally scattered, and/or geniuses. Uranus is lightning bolt energy already – it is like the “aha!” planet. The individual experiencing Uranian energy in Gemini will filter information uniquely, but like everyone else, they will channel + share how to look at things with some originality. They may be eccentric or highly individualistic writers, speakers, speech writers, spiritual channelers, etc. It is all about communication – and the Higher Mind connection will likely come through strongly for the Uranus in Gemini native! Further detail in a unique reading…


Uranus in Cancer generations tend to have an interesting connection to home, family, roots, and the internal emotional compass. The emotional world is often heightened regardless, and if channeled well, the Uranus in Cancer native has a lending hand in re-directing emotions into something “new.” The new may change the family dynamic as much as the family dynamic changes them. There may be ancestral history to change, and a newly re-written story may emerge for collective Soul progress. This energy is about a revolution of the “roots” – whatever they may be. There is a clear back-and-forth energy here, which is a universal motif in a lot of ways… but people with this type of frequency tend to have a stronger focus on it all. Think early 1950s. Essentially, Uranus in Cancer contains an inherent tension + a possibly felt obligation to make waves… both internally and externally. That’s how this energy flows – between precise science or logic and the fluidity of emotional experience. Further detail in a reading…


Uranus in Leo energy may be experienced as something rather ethereal that shifts the collective consciousness of the Will. We have varying beliefs on what “the Will” actually is since we are continually parsing through what concepts like the “psyche” or the “Creator” are all about. Is it inside? Outside? Both? Neither? The Uranus in Leo generation may unconsciously + consciously re-direct focus to those types of questions. It is a certain mix of archetypal energy that can be quite empowering – no matter how we land with it. As an individual, the Uranus in Leo native may go through things in life that embolden them to take on more of a leadership role – in any and all areas of experience. The concept of creation may be owned more responsibly… in other words, the idea that each of us is a Creator may become realized + more intentionally worked with on various levels. The idea of creativity is key here, no matter how it is filtered. Receive further detail on YOUR energy in a personalized reading, Creator! 


Uranus in Virgo may show up in a few noticeable ways. The mental activity that is Mercury-driven may lend itself toward grounding/rooting… or it may scatter itself all around the original focus and lose sight of where anything even began! That’s Uranus + Virgo for you. The individual Uranus in Virgo experiencer may be painfully aware of an internal and/or external warring of opposites going on. The tensions are usually based on stories or ideas or voices that are collected + pieced together over time. It may be wise to avoid going down a rabbit hole with this energy. The perpetuation of any single cell of information can easily be twisted – generated from what feels like two worlds. Then again… that same twisted-ness carries great potential for bringing something completely new and innovative to the world. Essentially, there is a delicate balance for the Uranus in Virgo native – and for the generations experiencing this energy. Think all of the 1960s. It is one thing to have an idea take off an lead a life of its own; it is another to have an idea fester and breed more of its own assumptions and presumptions and speculations into Reality. Learn more in your unique reading!


The Uranus in Libra individual tends to be about revolutionizing collective relations.The information that comes through these individuals can become something like the archetypal role of the diplomat – seeking peace + justice for all on a global scale. Although Uranus is a transpersonal/collective luminary, each individual will filter and direct the energy uniquely; Uranus is also a link to the Higher Mind. On a personal level, the Uranus in Libra native may have erratic, sudden (beginning and/or ending), or eccentric partnerships – romantic or otherwise. They may be called to focus + balance their own minds, which may send out a ripple effect somehow. More insight into the where + the how for this energy’s expression can be understood through the natal House placement. Regardless, the overall strength in mediating skills – internally + externally – generally ripens over time for the Uranus in Libra individual. Learn more through your natal chart reading!


The Uranus in Scorpio native may go through frequent and intense changes during their lifetime. Both Uranus and Scorpio act as sirens for change… the difference is that Uranus is a rather left-brained frequency, while Scorpio tends to be a heavily right-brained activity. As with any other placement, Uranus in Scorpio can find expression in a myriad of forms. This dynamic duo deals with power structures – on both a personal + collective level. That may mean the Uranus in Scorpio individual has a compelling desire for some position of power and/or some drive for emotional freedom. No matter the identified + intentional path, one might expect there to be a number of upheavals along the way, and collective healing may result… for the Uranian energy is the ultimate leader in the mix. In short, the Uranus in Scorpio native carries a certain signature that attracts and marks progressively transformative experiences – particularly on the emotional level. Learn more about your unique distillation of this energy in a reading


Uranus in Sagittarius marks a particular revolution of the Mind. Those born with this frequency tend to have an open, original, expansive, and perhaps even gluttonous range of interest with relation to spirituality, philosophy, Higher Mind, and the collective consciousness. The call to adventure + a pioneering spirit may be quite strong for the Uranus in Sagittarius native. Both Uranus and Sagittarius are archetypes that connect through spontaneity in their modes of expression. When blended a certain way, people born with this influence can become quite cosmopolitan! These are the truth-seekers on overdrive. The word philanthropic comes to mind strongly for this frequency… the Uranus in Sagittarius individual may feel like they are on a mission to affect + ultimately effect positive change for the collective consciousness somehow. The downside to this type of energy may show up in those that go to extremes and get “stuck” there somehow. Generally, however, that is not the case as Uranus in Sagittarius will make sure to keep things moving! Receive your natal chart reading for more details on this energy + more…


Uranus in Capricorn can be a rather tense dynamic to navigate. As mentioned earlier, Uranus is Saturn turned on its side. Saturn’s horizontal rings starkly contrast the vertical rings we see for Uranus from our earthly perspective. Here we have the Aquarian planet (Uranus) seemingly held captive by the “old” Capricorn (Saturn) influence. It is important to note the overall cycle here… people born with this frequency come after Uranus in Sagittarius energy + before Uranus in Aquarius energy. Uranus in Capricorn is an energy that makes us slow down before we jump into the next collective paradigm shift. Think early 1990s + The Internet explosion. Uranus in Capricorn can show us how to take what we’ve recently gathered, and flip it into whatever will be “good for business.” It is the re-cognition point with Uranian energy. For the individual born with this imprinting, the practical + proper energy (Capricorn) may feel like a weight for the naturally freedom-oriented + unconventional luminary (Uranus). It can feel like a burden to bear, or at least a bit of a drag for the individual experiencer – particularly after the Uranian energy has moved onto another sign (or two, or three, or four…). Still, after some experience + struggle, the Uranus in Capricorn native can, will be, or already is the boss of new business. Feel free to learn more about your energetic filter in a natal chart reading!


Uranus in Aquarius is at home! The Uranus in Aquarius individual will most likely have an easier time with their own Uranian energy, regardless of the natal chart placement. Even if the chart is heavily “personal” or themed toward “the past” somehow, this energy helps to move the native along on their unique journey. They may have a more palpable connection to their own Higher Mind. The major themes for Aquarius are highlighted here: individualistic, aloof, friendly, collective-oriented, humanitarian-focused, and more. The House placement gives greater insight + clarity into how this energy is showing up for the individual, but regardless of personal connection… the frequency is a part of the collective consciousness that wants to support + cater to the overall progress at work. Think late 1990s – early 2000s. The groups of Souls incarnated with this imprint essentially help to further whatever was agreed upon up to that point (e.g., The Internet). Look at a few previous Uranian placements to filter what resonates as far as what may have been built (Uranus in Capricorn, Uranus in Sagittarius, Uranus in Scorpio…). And, learn more in your unique natal chart reading!


Uranus in Pisces can be about both ideals + denials – collectively + personally. Due to the general empathic quality that Pisces suggests, there is a potential for helping or hurting anything along the way… here we have a revolution of Reality. This frequency is quite necessary to experience – in order to cut through the BS and see the Whole for what it is. Uranus is the Higher Mind. When it navigates through Piscean waters, we reach a point where illusions become more noticeable. The Uranus in Pisces native will be more prone to taking on the collective energy – at any point in their life. When they are born, their imprinting suggests a certain sensitivity to what is going on… and often the NOW becomes more felt as time dissolves. Individuals from this generation may be extremely objective observers of the global/universal/dimensional/etc. realms. When channeled well through their own connection to Higher Mind, the Uranus in Pisces native may bring us awakenings on various levels. Their energy has a ripple effect, which can penetrate timelines – both “previous” and “future.” We are still experiencing their energy now… and always will. More on this imprint – for those going out + those that recently came in: receive your unique natal chart reading here!




Saturn ultimately teaches us where we have the opportunity to free ourselves. It teaches us where we are blocked or bound. It calls on us to face fear and turn our weakness into strength. We grow from Saturn’s lessons – however painful they may be.


Saturn in Aries is not an easy placement; then again, anything Saturnine is not necessarily easy. Since Mars is associated with Aries, essentially this energy lends itself to a block in all things Marsian: action on behalf of the Will, assertion, anger, self-confidence, etc. In other words, the person with Saturn in Aries may appear to lack self-assertion, be preemptively defensive due to fear of being attacked, appear unselfish, turn anger inwards, and have blockages in showing vulnerability. Essentially, the “me-first” fire of Aries is stifled by Saturn. However, if Saturn’s energy is faced head-on, the Saturn in Aries native has a lovely opportunity to actually be clear on identity and become “first” in many ways. House placement is important for any planet in astrology – it offers focus on the ‘where’ the energy shows up. Where is your Saturn in Aries? Learn more through a reading with me if you can will yourself to!


Saturn in Taurus energy can be a teller of that good old rags-to-riches story. That can mean a story of struggle and neglect early in life turned into a life of luxury, love and peace later on. That can also mean a story of learning what is truly valuable + what truly offers security to the individual – not the cultural/societal stories we are sold (if we buy them). That’s the key to freedom for the Saturn in Taurus native: to consciously “buy” things based on a strong internal compass connected to Love. The fear (Saturn) stems from a desire for possession. From literal possessions or material things to less tangible concepts, like security. Greed is often attributed with this energy – whether internally or externally; in greed, there is fear, and in fear, we meet Saturn. Can you face your humanity and find riches in what you truly value? That is the question that Saturn in Taurus asks. If you want to dig deeper, book a natal chart reading with me here.


The Saturn in Gemini native may have trouble breathing. Literally and/or figuratively. Since Mercury is associate with Gemini, this energy basically blocks all things mercurial: the mind, the intellect, the hands, the voice, the lungs, etc. Gemini is about communication – that flow of information in + information out. It is about taking in new knowledge, which generally becomes quite layered over time as the pace of the energy demands an accrual of a vast amount of information. Add a dose of Saturn to the mix, and the naturally curious energy of a modern-day Gemini somehow experiences a dammed-up Internet. Parental (or governmental) blocks working overtime to try to control what is fed to the recipient. Saturn in Gemini is a serious one (like all Saturnine energy), and if anything appears to be too “superficial,” it just won’t fly. The freedom ticket for the individual with Saturn in Gemini is to be open + curious about everything. How do you get there? Face your fear, wherever it is placed. Check out more with an in-depth look at your natal chart – if you are curious enough, of course.


Saturn in Cancer is a difficult placement for the emotional body. Those born with Saturn in Cancer tend to come from broken homes, or homes where full access to the feeing of security + protection are not felt. There is somehow a block to familial connection with this placement. The overall energy can lend itself to a fear of emotional intimacy – and yet, it is that very thing that is longed for. These individuals want a happy home + a happy family; however, they may not know what that really is. That’s their key, though. Usually after searching for security, protection, roots, or a “tribe” somehow, the Saturn in Cancer native will ultimately learn that they must rely on their inner reality. Buying vast amounts of land or a bunch of homes isn’t the true security they are ultimately searching for. Basically, any type of outer emotional dependency doesn’t work for this energy – it is blocked by Saturn, who wants to teach another path. When the inner sense of security is invested in, an unshakable sense of self-acceptance + security is formed. It cannot be lost or taken away once the true emotional center is discovered. Want to learn more? Book a reading!


Saturn in Leo will be a Self-realized energy when Saturn’s lessons are worked with. As an initial imprint, the Saturn in Leo native essentially has an built-in block between self + Self. In other words, little ego + Higher Self are waiting for a stronger bridge to be built. Often for the Saturn in Leo native, there exists a noticeable barrier to creative expression and what it offers for the Self. Even those that are extremely creative tend to miss the “point” of their expression until the process of creating is more fully invested in. I tend to think of the difference between product-oriented art and process-oriented art for this energy; the benefits for Saturn in Leo will be in more process-oriented expression. Underneath it all, these individuals seem to not understand their own importance and lack in self-love until they grow with the path that Saturn is offering. Their freedom comes when a trust in the overall process of life is leaned on. The joyful, child-like, playful, curious, and incredibly loving energy is sparked when these natives let ego take a backseat to their true Self. They won’t need an audience to give them praise or love or recognition – they can just BE and be peaceful in that space. If you want to dig deeper, feel free to learn more in a reading from me here!


Saturn in Virgo wonders about health, order, and routine. What does it all mean? The opportunity for the Saturn in Virgo native is in a very focused uniting of the mind-body connection. The “how” and the “where” of this energy is as detailed and scattered/vast in possibility as the sign Virgo, itself. There may be chronic illness, general disease or disorder, and/or an overall sense of discomfort within the environment they find themselves in. Still, there is opportunity for growth from that space – Saturn would guarantee that if someone could hear it. Essentially, the Saturn in Virgo individual is quite sensitive to both the inner and outer realms. Individual filtering is key; regardless, though, the root fear for this energy can be traced to a sense of things being out of order. Even “too much” order can feel disorderly for this energy type. The body-mind balance is the the key to finding freedom for any Saturn in Virgo experiencer. The mind and the body need to find their alignment with one another so that daily structure has a purposeful or meaningful service involved – felt and understood through the body. The freedom is to be at peace in a service role of some kind…for self, other, etc. How does that land in your body, Saturn in Virgo? Dig deeper with me through a reading, if you feel it!


The Saturn in Libra individual is concerned with being alone. All signs/energies are met with projection of ‘other,’ but that human experience is heightened with Saturn in Libra. Libra essentially marks the beginning of connecting more to ‘other’ than the first 6 signs in the archetype. When Saturn is placed in that energetic field, the individual is more prone to feeling a weakness – and yet a responsibility – to truly connect with an ‘other.’ Here we have the opportunity to turn weakness into strength and to live beyond the limiting forces of Saturn. When unattended to internally, ‘other’ may appear to “the responsible one,” which creates a dependency pattern within the relationship. That leaning on tends to elicit fear of pain, loneliness, isolation, rejection and disappointment – or those things all manifest and felt. Once the realization of a projected self is worked through, the Saturn in Libra native can find the key to his or her freedom: balancing opposites. Rather than sacrificing true love for a sense of comfort or safety (within the confines or Saturnine control/power), the Saturn in Libra individual can break free into true happiness. THAT is his or her actual duty – not the duty felt from the initial imprint of the energy. If you want to navigate this placement further, it is usually better to balance the whole natal chart with a reading – from me or an other!


The Saturn in Scorpio native is working on feelings – but not just individual feelings. At this point in the overall cycle of the zodiac, the energy has shifted into dealing with ‘other’ more fully as well. Where Cancer is first dealing with the inner reality of emotion, Scorpio is tasked with handling that inner reality + another’s emotional experience. Saturn in Scorpio energy is basically about strengthening in the area of emotional exchange. Yet, emotional exchange happens in so many areas of life (the financial level, the sexual level, the creative/procreative level, etc.) that it may be better to say the Saturn in Scorpio experiencer is bringing the overall exchange of energy with another to light. The fear with this placement is two-fold because not only is Saturnine energy involved, but the power + mystery of Scorpio energy enters in as well. Fears may be more pronounced: fear of emotional intimacy or connection, fear of death or change, fear of submission, fear of loss of control, fear of the unknown, and so on. If left unchecked, these types of fears will often attract numerous experiences of disappointment in emotional connection – often in the most sensitive, vulnerable, or intimate parts of a person’s psyche. So how does the Saturn in Scorpio individual break free? The awareness (often times coming through a crisis/awakening due to Plutonic forces involved) of the flow of emotion both inside and out is key. This imprinting can lend itself to potent + powerful healing and/or healers – ones that seem to carry a magical, mysterious quality about them. Where is this signature showing up for you? Book a reading with me to tap into your power more fully!


Saturn in Sagittarius is ultimately dealt Aces on looking for meaning in life. In other words, while we all may have an inner desire to find meaning as life rolls along, the Saturn in Sagittarius native will have a far stronger pull – and sometimes a noticeable stronger anchor – in seeking + finding meaning to existence. The Hermetic axiom “as above, so below” is a simple, succinct mantra for this energetic field of experience. The experiencer usually has to undergo some kind of loss of faith in life as Saturn’s gravity pulls one to learn through its hexagonal vortex or storm. The opportunity for internal/external freedom presents itself through that loss of faith – whether through an initial dogmatic upbringing turned on its side or through a peak experience where whatever is termed ‘God’ is met with more directly. Or… through an incessant rebellion + mistrust in authority of all sorts. However the path unfolds for the Saturn in Sagittarius individual, the purpose can be clearly felt to create individual meaning for one’s life + existence. And, Sagittarian energy (ruled by the expansive + benevolent Jupiter) is about JOY – the native just has to get past whatever roadblocks Saturn has erected to get there. How can YOU get there? You have the answers inside, but it might help to dialogue more through a reading


Saturn in Capricorn is at home! This position amplifies the Saturn energy – no matter what house it shows up in. Capricorn + Saturn carry keywords like authority, success, honor, ambition, achievement, etc. Things of the outer, public life. With this placement, one may have experienced a rather authoritative or burdensome (or both) mother/father figure – usually one with a focus on material values. Due to such a narrow view, the emotional body of the Saturn in Capricorn native tends to get neglected or entangled in some sort of complex with the dominant parental figure. This energy is essentially about one’s “role” in life, and the Saturn in Capricorn individual must eventually will himself to create his own role. Saturn tends to slow things down though… so the cautious climb to the peak one is seeking is usually met with obstacles, delays, and restrictions. It is an arduous process for most. Ultimately though, the Saturn in Capricorn individual will, along the way, realize the beauty of free will itself. When the energy is really embraced and harnessed, he or she can absolutely receive the recognition desired. For this energy signature, freedom and success go hand-in-hand.


Saturn in Aquarius is like the Steve Jobs in innovation, where personal recognition just flows from a strong commitment + dedication to bring something to the collective. In early life, the Saturn in Aquarius individual will most likely be that – an individual. In some form or another, this energy signature tends to stand alone. Even in a crowd or with others, there is often a felt sense of separateness. Freedom for the Saturn in Aquarius native can be found when the sense of not belonging is met with taking the lead. Owning one’s differences can be difficult, but when it is, a shining light beacons the group. Of course, as with all of life, there is a paradox to deal with for the Saturn in Aquarius energy: some with this imprint may feel scarily ordinary. Their ordinariness, too, cuts them off from the totality of group life because they do not like being boxed into a label like “ordinary.” Again, they are fraught with the task of taking the lead somehow – for the collective good. Underneath it all, the Saturn in Aquarius native is inclined to see where things are heading. He or she knows what the collective needs to progress… and, with the help of the few they truly call ‘friend,’ new communities + ways of thinking, being, or working in the world can emerge.


Saturn in Pisces is a rather crepuscular energy: it lives between two worlds. Here we have both endings + beginnings, night + day, earth + spirit, etc. All of it – the duality is spliced. Individuals born with Saturn in Pisces tend to lead lives in open service or in literal/figurative prisons – sometimes both (simultaneously even). No matter how it shows up, this energy tends to be naturally in accordance with a grander service to the Whole. Basically, when a very earthy, grounded, and honor-bound planet like Saturn meets up with Piscean energy, all of Saturn’s natural workings are dissolved. Defenses + structures are obliterated. The Being holding this imprint is often left feeling very vulnerable/raw in any and all environments. Yet, and even though it may feel out of one’s control, the Saturn in Pisces individual holds a unique beauty for all of the world to see: they help others to remember who they are… who True Self is (and sometimes, why). The freedom for any Saturn in Pisces native is, in short, to be authentically Self. Issues arise when Saturn energy is tapped into to try to protect the Self – it doesn’t work, and the path must go inward. Ultimately, Saturn in Pisces individuals are tasked with the responsibility to believe they are always safe + on path by connecting more deeply with themselves on a much broader level. In this way, they serve… and serve well.


Jupiter says “I expand.”


Preface: Many people are of the mindset that Jupiter is always benevolent. And, it may be. However, I am of the mindset that words like “always” and “never” are generally too black-and-white in their simplicity. Jupiter in any sign is generally benevolent in my interpretation; however, the optimism and expansion associated with Jupiter energy can go to an extreme that leaves the native out of balance…in a type of euphoric state of supposed everlasting “utopia.” And, “utopia” may be a highly individualized idea. Also, the painting above was created by yours truly. Matte framed prints available soon…

jupiter IN ARIES

Jupiter in Aries tends to be about expansion in the realm of assertion! That said, Jupiter in Aries may fall into any part of a spectrum that can be considered an enlargement of the asserted Will: healthy assertion or natural benevolence each time assertion is demonstrated; taking more action in the areas of travel, spirituality + philosophy; and/or expansion in aggressiveness or war, with the fueled mindset that extremism or evangelical authoritarianism will bring benevolence. These are examples to various parts of a spectrum that may have a hand in the Jupiter in Aries native. It all depends on the overall natal chart. Get your reading for more detailed information!

jupiter IN TAURUS

Jupiter in Taurus, in my experience, can show up on the spectrum of supposed “jovial expansion.” Some may experience Jupiter in Taurus as an expansion into the realm of materialism, consumerism, sensuality, and overall rootedness in one’s “home” (whether country/political, literally built shelter/home, and/or otherwise rooted somehow – in belief or “reality” of belief). This tendency can also lean towards hedonism – a personal attachment to that which is, ultimately, a transpersonal energy. Since Jupiter acts as the beginning to a bridge toward the transpersonal planets, this particular planet and its placement in the natal chart becomes more detailed in a way. Regardless, Jupiter in Taurus may be just what the individual needs and/or what the collective needs on some level. The house placement + motion of Jupiter overall will offer further insight…

jupiter IN GEMINI

Jupiter in Gemini is an interesting energy! Jupiter rules the opposite sign, Sagittarius; so, when Jupiter appears in Gemini the energy tends to focus on the changeable energy within the mind itself. From my experience, this type of dynamic tends to play out over a lifetime so that living beyond roughly 30 years of age, things become clearer. Yes, as with many things, this specific energy is linked with Saturn returns! It sort of builds as a check-out-everything energy first – “fact” and “illusion” and inner and/or outer “truth” is constantly questioned and modified over time. I cannot say this energy is every truly “clear” for any native; however, it seems to solidify into something (even if that something is stubbornly fluid) later in life. At a very base level, the energetics of Jupiter in Gemini finds settlement in amplifying communication on all levels – whether it be through magnifying random rumors through various social media or community-oriented outlets; magnifying messages through various spiritual or religious avenues; and/or magnifying a musician’s prominence in one’s life. Overall, this energy can be like making-a-mountain-out-of-a-molehill on a mind level. This tendency is not necessarily “bad” nor “good” – it is what it is. Get your own natal chart reading for further detail!

jupiter IN CANCER

Jupiter in Cancer is highly feeling-oriented. It can be like a tsunami, a perfect surfing session, or a gentle current of water…but because we’re dealing with Jupiter in Cancer, the plentiful ocean is a wonderful image to begin with. Cancer is connected with the Moon, which both dictates and is dependent on the tides. It’s a case of the egg and the chicken…which came first? In this case, it doesn’t matter. They are dependent on one another in some form or another, and with Jupiter acting as the orchestrator of the energy flow…well, we’re talking “big” or “expansive” exploration! This energy is like any classical masterpiece that plays on the emotional tides in a big way (think: Mozart). So, a tsunami, the perfect surfing conditions, and a gentle current of water all depict part of what Jupiter holds: it’s “big” and “moving” and “jovial,” depending on what each individual finds resonance with. Since we’re dealing with two energies that can be rather unpredictable in a way, their combination in one’s natal chart can bring on all sort of possibilities – what one might find joyful and emotionally comforting may be an Other’s worst nightmare! The natal chart reading tends to be my recommendation for more beyond these insights; that type of reading is far more uniquely tuned in with YOU!

jupiter IN LEO

Jupiter in Leo is the performer of all performers! That’s not totally true. Most major performers probably do not have this precise placement of energy; still, many famous performers actually do. The point is that the Jupiter in Leo native tends to have a high potential for things like the performance arts, politics or law, and creative + artistic sectors on some level. As with any other Jupiter placement, there is capacity to “hold more” – whether that be ‘positive’ or ‘negative’ or somewhere in between is up to the individual Will and its underlying motives and intentions. Some Jupiter in Leo natives may be overtly narcissistic; others may somehow shine brighter than others without the overt “me-only” attitude. Still others may be natural philanthropists with the strong desire to bring communities together. Regardless, their found luck tends to be in the spotlight! Leo’s opposite sign is Aquarius, and these two (like all other opposite signs) have a connection: their opposition is intrinsically part of how the Jupiter in Leo native may choose to expand themselves. This energy is like the Sun…on fire! Yes, the Sun is already understood to be “on fire”…but imagine the Sun as twice its own size. That’s Jupiter in Leo. For further insight + information, feel free to reach out for a natal chart reading.

jupiter IN VIRGO

Jupiter in Virgo will be sure to expand the mind’s details! Jupiter in Virgo is a dynamic energy all on its own (Jupiter rules Sagittarius, which is square – dynamic energy – to both Gemini and Virgo). Depending on the house placement and the overall energy in a natal chart, Jupiter in Virgo will tend to enlarge what seems rather small. Scientists, biochemists, biologists, mathematicians, physicists, technical editors, monks, gurus, and the like – these are types that may have some form of Jupiter in Virgo in their life-playing-cards. Jupiter in Virgo energy is balanced in both logic and intuition; the house placement may shed light on where that balance may be enacted. Still, it is up to the Jupiter in Virgo native to actually balance that ever-expanding energy that Jupiter proffers. In short, Jupiter in Virgo is like the Buddhist who follows the Zen-like-path to some kind of perfection. It can be highly in tune with spirituality, religion, or belief structure in general – and whatever feels “healthy” is what’s sought ofter. Of course, if this same person has Jupiter in Virgo in the 6th, they may have digestive issues based on what lies beneath their attachment to belief structure! Again, Jupiter is expansive…but there is a balance to be found…

jupiter IN Libra

The Jupiter in Libra individual is on top of diplomacy skills. These are the transpersonal compromisers! The energetic expansion + skill in diplomacy can have various gateways. Depending on the “where” (the house position) + the overall natal chart amalgamation, the Jupiter in Libra native may be self-oriented, other-oriented, or somewhere in-between with this vibration. Donald Trump has this placement. It falls in his 2nd House… which is about money, worth, self-worth, stability, security, etc. His luck with monetary pursuits + skills in the appearance of diplomacy = something interesting based on his overall story. I won’t go into it too much, but I will reiterate that skills of “compromise” can be founded upon the needs of Self, of Other, of Community, etc. This transpersonal vibrational imprint is felt differently by different filters (aka, you, me, etc.). Anyhow, Jupiter in Libra is a very, very charming energy. Overall, Jupiter in Libra is like the teacher on “both sides” of anything since it expands itself into both realms extensively. Get your own natal chart reading for more…

jupiter IN SCORPIO

The Jupiter in Scorpio native is working with Pluto energy + expansion. What does that mean? Many, many potentials. Jupiter is actually currently in Scorpio at the time of this post. What’s going on for the collective? Do you see the power struggles? The greed? The exposures on sexual assault? These can be examples of the energy in action, for sure. Being born with Jupiter in Scorpio does NOT mean that these are the themes, however (get your natal chart reading for your overall energy). The themes involved with this energy do tend to center around expansion of Plutonian energy, though. Empowerment. Sexual freedom and/or powerful beliefs around what “freedom” means on the emotional + sexual front. Passions to the extreme. Powerful healing in confronting and working with the depths. Overall, this energy can be like the psychic helping the investigator in solving a case. Power + freedom with a touch of justice are involved. The energy calls for adventure into the depths, possible mass destruction, and yet an abundance of healing at the same time…


Jupiter in Sagittarius is at home! Since Jupiter rules Sagittarius (and in some mindsets, Pisces as well), Jupiter can expand your mind in its most benevolent form. Of course, Jupiter can be quite benevolent in any sign or house placement; still, its home territory has a certain flavor + focus. The Jupiter in Sagittarius lightbody may be quite philosophical, travel-oriented, seeker-oriented, or otherwise oriented to expand a worldview or two…or three or four…so on. The energy is not generally seen as fundamentalist or extreme unless in contact with other indicators that seem to force it to behave as such. Get your natal chart reading for further insight into your individual makeup, if you wish! We will experience this transpersonal planet’s energy on the collective level beginning in November of 2018. Keep in mind what’s going on now to gain a glimpse into what might be next…


Jupiter in Capricorn is like taking all the cognition from Jupiter in Sagittarius and moving it into recognition (re-cognition). What does that mean? Well, in short, it is kind of like having a ton of thought matter flow around for a year – and then the manifesting from that material begins. Some people become highly recognized in life when they have this energy in their natal charting. Famous and/or infamous, to be sure. I immediately thought of Bill Cosby, for some reason while typing that. I just looked up his chart – lo and behold, he was born with Jupiter in Capricorn. I won’t speak to his overall energy, but, to say the least, he has taken on the role of being both famous + infamous in his life so far. When the expansive and freedom-loving planet Jupiter gets “boxed in” with the highly-boundary-oriented energy that is Capricorn, there can be a mixing pot of repressed energy seeking release. There can also be a noticeable thriving through whatever public position the individual takes on. The “how” and the “where” this energy shows up is one part free will + one part blueprinting in this astrologer’s view. Get your natal chart reading if you’re seeking more insight! With this energy, it is wise to keep in mind that we may design our lives one way, and they show up another way… it all depends on our individual vibrations as we move through this thing we call life.  


Jupiter in Aquarius is like the higher mind on overdrive! With full disclosure, I was born with this placement in my 1st House. I both do and do not resonate with my own forthcoming description here…because as I write, I draw from a certain place that is not extremely personal. That said, the Jupiter in Aquarius native may have a “strange” influence on the collective. The energy is essentially dealing with abundance + higher mind + individualism. That combination can show up in oh, so many ways. Part of its expression is tapped into through the natal chart, as the individual house placement dictates “where” the energy shows up. Still, and to name a few strings playing from one instrument, Jupiter in Aquarius can offer high levels of eccentricity, high levels of individualism, high levels of 6th, 7th, 8th…senses, and more. These are the innovators, the entrepreneurs, the extremely progressive minds, and the random people on the street that offer you some synchronicity in your life. Communicate with your higher mind much? Here it one type of energy for you to acquaint yourself with, well, YOU!

jupiter IN PISCES

Jupiter in Pisces is like adding a huge dose of hope + joy to an abundance of illusion. What? Let me explain. This type of energy can be incredibly productive and conducive to spiritual evolution – especially on the collective scale. Simultaneously, there can be a rose-colored glasses feel to it for some. It all depends on the energy leading up to its inception. For example, the last time Jupiter was in Pisces was in 2010. What was happening in 2010? Well, as an example, Obama was president in the United States, and Obamacare showed up shortly after Jupiter moved into this sign. I personally STILL have no clear understanding of this healthcare system, even though I know I support the ideal of it. Was the ideal made real? Not sure. Energetically, Jupiter in Pisces introduces ideals for the masses – whether or not they continue to manifest into collective Oneness + mass Reality is up to us and our movement. I do personally have a clear “marker” of this energy in my own system…do you? How did the energy show up for you? How might you revisit this energy in 2022? It isn’t that far away, and 2022 seems to have a LOT of implications astrologically. Get your natal chart reading + transit reading here, if you’re interested!




Pluto is still a “planet” through the astrological lens. It is a transpersonal symbol + archetype. In fact, the very notion that (a part of) the collective “changed” its identity from a planet to some kind of dwarf entity (in 2006) only reiterates the archetype: Pluto is about transformation itself.

The United States has been dealing with its Pluto Return since 2008 – the financial crisis (2nd House in the US chart – House of money, values, self-worth, stability, etc.). The United States will feel its EXACT return on 2/22/2022. Any numerologist + non-numerologist alike can see the intensity of those numbers. Of all dates… 2/22/22… makes me think of Mark Danielewski’s book, Only Revolutions. Anyhow, onto this distant Star’s energy – felt both personally + collectively!


Pluto in Aries is about transformation through the Aries’ energetic field. The person with their Pluto in Aries may unconsciously + consciously seek or invite change through rather combative means. This is intense, impulsive, rash, and often quite ruthless energy. This is the “I want change + I want it NOW” energy. We haven’t seen this show up in an individual’s natal chart since the 1830s or so, and we won’t see it again (unless something unexpected shifts) until the 2060s. Feel free to research what was happening around the globe in the 1830s… you will see Pluto in Aries enacted for sure.


The Pluto in Taurus native will most likely come across as highly rigid. I see the roots of a tree for this energy – and the amount of sunlight won’t necessarily hinder how this vibration decides to grow. To survive. Think: INDUSTRIAL REVOLUTION. Again, we haven’t seen this show up in a natal chart since the mid- to late- 1800s. It might be fun for those of you interested to dig into the events of the 1800s as Pluto shifted from sign to sign. Or, you could always read Cosmos + Psyche, by Richard Tarnas. That book has A LOT of information on transpersonal energetics!


The Pluto in Gemini energy wants to take what’s been built and transform it into new, rather local connections. This the collective (and personal) mind on overdrive! It is no wonder we break up our time periods into titled segments like: The Industrial REVOLUTION, the Depression, the Information Age, etc. These are how we navigate + mark time as we see things changing on the collective front. The last time Pluto was in Gemini, it was the early 1900s. There are certainly some still alive with this in their natal chart. You know what? There may be some still alive with it in Aries or Taurus for all I know. Regardless, it is best to look at these segments as just that: energetic segments from Pisces…to Aries…bleeding into Taurus…and from there into Gemini…so on and so forth. What do you notice when you see these cycles happening? Who do you know with their natal Pluto in Gemini? They’ve seen a few changes in their lives, I’d say.


The Pluto in Cancer native may be seen as harnessing the “beginnings” of transformation on the feminine, motherly, emotional front. The “beginnings” are perpetually happening; this period of time was just one where the energy was more collectively seen, understood and/or awakened to through the chaos that seems to align with transformative processes. Pluto in Cancer babies are the Pre-Depression + Depression Era starseeds. They held and potentially still hold the energy needed to shift into yet a new cycle/revolution. That time was about the appearance of collective emotional/physical changes. Who do you know born between 1913 – 1939? Are you of that grand shift? If so, thank you. We needed your support to get us into Now (your opposite): Pluto in Capricorn. As above…so below. 

pluto IN LEO

The Pluto in Leo native was/is embodied from the strings and ends of the Pluto in Cancer generation. We went from collective/personal emotional + physical alternations to the “child” ready to be its OWN Self. To be an individual. Pluto in Leo is an interesting paradox in a way because it deals with BOTH personal (Leo) + collective (Pluto) in a very unique way. I imagine the Pluto in Cancer period as the pregnant woman; the Pluto in Leo period is about birth, new creation, and a focus on Self (both “higher” and “lower”). This is the BABY BOOMER generation. A lot of them have since left the Planet, but many are still around. What do we learn from them? What can we still learn from them? How are we interacting with the energy from the 1940s + 1950s now? Take a look around! We’ve come so far from all the generations before. This generation is certainly no less apparent in its collective affect + effect on us now. Keep reading..we are most likely beyond the child stage. Maybe we are teenagers now. 🙂

pluto IN VIRGO

The Pluto in Virgo type was born around 1956 – 1972. A lot of these light bodies are still around. Pluto in Virgo energy is yet another revolutionary energy based on the previous changes. Pluto acts as a type of “ripple effect” energy – unless Uranus is involved to shift the change of the changes! And, Uranus is and was involved over the years. Anyhow: focus. That’s what this energy was about, and those that are still living from that time period are helping the rest of us to focus our energies a bit more as we move along. Thank goodness. Virgo can be critical, detail-oriented, and yet in service of others. Couple that with Pluto and we have a very wide + wise, and yet narrow + nuclear type of energy at work. What happened during that time period? Just prior, we collectively experienced Hiroshima. That was Pluto in Leo (self-destructive) working its way into a new wave (healing + helping others). Ahhh, there is so, so, so much that happened between Pluto in Cancer to Pluto in Virgo. Can you see the changes unfolding? 

pluto IN LIBRA

The Pluto in Libra individual is/was a part of a generation that is still mostly alive and kicking! These are folks born between 1972ish – 1984ish. Yep. The “Generation X” +  the “Millennials” coming to fruition. I am personally on the cusp of this energy as a 1985er, so I kind of get the end of the one and the beginning of the next if we’re looking at strict cycle times. Regardless, and in my perspective, the Pluto in Libra generation was/is dealing with transformation in regards to overall balance + relations. These are the energies showing up to further refine and diplomatically represent “sides” to any equation or debate. The 50s and 60s certainly shook things up around the world… the 70s and early 80s were about re-balancing all of that activity. Did we balance things? I think we did, as best we could given the times + circumstances overall. The Pluto in Scorpio generation may be depicted as the generation to dig deeper and shift/align things more from this generational cycle, prior to + gearing up for the next few cycles (consciously or not). Are you of this generation? What HOUSE does this energy show up in for you? That’s *key*🔑🔐 … to learn more, book your natal reading or mentoring with me!


The Pluto in Scorpio native is working with Pluto energy in its HOME. What does that mean? Many, many things. This generation catered to a lot of things prior to the birth of the Internet in 1996 (Pluto in Sagittarius). That says something. Between 1984ish – 1995ish, this generation sparked a lot of emotional endings and beginnings that were (and still are) embedded deep in the collective consciousness. For example, the end of the Cold War. The Berlin Wall came down during the early seeds of this energy. Destruction breeds creation… and the Pluto in Scorpio energy made and makes that clear! It will smash the icy nature of Scorpio and make things thaw out more quickly, Kind of like a defroster type of energy. The individuals with this in their chart have one part of the blueprint for the next major shift. They may appear quite intense, emotional 😭 , destructive + violent – with a purpose/cause (Pluto in Sagittarius/Pluto in Libra, respectively) on some level or another. Keep an eye out. This generation is likely quite linked to/with the shift coming up between now and 2022 (+ beyond)…


…And so are these folks! The Pluto in Sagittarius native is already harnessing power(s) for the next shift. Coming off the of the heels of the Pluto in Scorpio generation, these are the Internet babies. The Higher Mind – Different Truth(s) – Seeker and Searching-for-meaning babies. Well, they aren’t babies anymore. Between 1995ish and 2008ish…yea. The Internet + the global financial crisis (a word associated with Plutonian energy). These are THOSE babies grown up. What is this generational energy imbuing in us? Obviously change. But change on specific levels: Truth/truths, Purpose, Value, and more. Pluto was in connection with our galactic center (29 degrees Sag) in 2008. This generational energy was making way for COGNITION to become RECOGNITION in the next cycle. What was 2008 like for you? How are you dancing through the Now? The Pluto in Sagittarius individual will likely affect and or effect you if you interact with them now (and you probably do somehow). Gather further insight into your PERSONAL energy as an individual in this generation by booking a reading or requesting mentoring!


The Pluto in Capricorn native is pretty young – or not even born yet. These are the children born between roughly 2008 – 2024. What are we feeling/sensing from these kiddos? What have the older generations been dealing with? Pluto in Capricorn on its own is about transformations to our seemingly solid structures. Capricorn takes ownership of the bones, teeth, our skin. Metaphorically, this energy ought to shake all of those things up! It has, hasn’t it? Look at the world right now… we are in need of this energetic shift. It may not be pretty or easy of comfortable, but luckily the Pluto in Capricorn individuals are our future. They carry the signatures – in different personal areas – to change how we are handling our business (and businesses). They offer us insight into where the faults in our systems are, and they offer us opportunity after opportunity to change things. On a personal note, I’ve been working with kids since 2013. It is interesting to see how parenting (Capricorn’s domain) is changing with these kids. A lot of these kids need new structures to thrive. The old ones aren’t working. It almost feels Aquarian to me, but I see how this seems to be the middle zone of breaking things down first – before the next generation…


The Pluto in Aquarius babies are a generation I hope I get to witness. Assuming we are still kicking (and our Planet hasn’t kicked humanity off it Her), this generation will show up between 2024 – 2043. I try to stay away from predictions unless I get the go-ahead from guides on some level or another. So, I cannot predict what things will look like…but it feels like true, innovative means will be necessary for us all. Pluto in Aquarius draws in Uranian energy, and by 2024, Uranus will be continuing its travel through Capricorn. However the United States deals with its Pluto return will, ultimately, ripple out the rest of the world. Still, no matter where I look, it appears as though our current structures will, indeed, be a thing of the past. Pluto in Aquarius energy is about calling in a new world order. That is not meant to bring fear – in fact, it feels like truly awakened collective change, which aligns more fully with Higher Mind. Add in Uranus through Capricorn + Saturn through Pisces… we are looking at MAJOR collective shifts. The babies born in that generation will certainly, in my opinion, “know” what to do and how to do it. These are the powerful innovators headed our way to guide us along. No matter how young, it is important to look at our current children and the next wave as our teachers.


The Pluto in Pisces natives will, hopefully, bring us further refinement to how we conduct this thing called life when the years 2043 – 2066 come around. Pluto is rather comfortable in another water sign – the difference is in the movement. For example, Scorpio is fixed – think ice. Cancer is cardinal – think the ocean + the moon’s tidal significance (ups, downs, equilibrium). Pisces is like really looking at water as a WHOLE. All of it. Pluto in Pisces, then, seems to want to change the WHOLE. It doesn’t want to wait until the ice melts. It doesn’t want to hang out and go with the tidal flow. It wants to MOVE THE WATER ITSELF. This is a change in emotional + spiritual connection on a pretty focused level. If I am still around, I would like to exit the Earth during this period! Seems like a pretty solid place to exit before the next round of Pluto in Aries… All of it is simply REVOLUTIONS. 


Venus says “I love + harmonize.”


Venus in Aries is about loving and harmonizing through the Aries’ energetic field. The person with their Venus in Aries may express their personal love with fast energy: flirting with anyone they feel a “spark” with, appearing quite direct, assertive, and/or aggressive with affections, moving quickly into and/or out of a relationship, etc. Venus in Aries is a very self-centered energy; however, it is not necessarily narcissistic. There is a strong connection with action and “fireworks” for the Venus in Aries individual, and how they go about finding that connection in another person is heavily dependent on many other parts to their Being. Regardless, the person with their Venus in Aries may easily become bored when things are not moving along at the pace they feel accustomed to with regards to love, beauty, and harmony.


The Venus in Taurus native will most likely come across as highly dependable. Since Venus rules Taurus (and Libra), this energy generally manifests both ways: they seek harmonization with a partner who is also highly dependable. The need for security, comfort, and sensual pleasure of all kinds becomes highlighted for the Venus in Taurus individual. Anything that links with ideas and beliefs and values about “worth” come into play for this type of energetic field. The Venus in Taurus person will most likely come across as highly affectionate – especially noticeable with touching, hugging, kissing, etc. Again, this love energy is focused on comfort and sensual pleasure. It is a bonding and attachment type of energy – make sure you give back!


The Venus in Gemini native expresses love through the intellect and through communication in general. These are the writers, the poets, the musicians…all of which use their hands and their mind to convey messages of love and harmony. These types like to talk…and talk and talk and talk! Some may consider the Venus in Gemini individual as “two-faced” or a “tease” of some kind; however, the energy is truly centered on harmonizing through the intellect, the mind and communication. Banter, wittiness, a strength in knowledge on some level…all of these may come into play for the Venus in Gemini native. Overall, these folks may appear to be more “surface” to some extent, given their need for variety. In other words, this type of love energy may not want to dive into heavy or deeper conversations without other natural indicators (which can be seen in the natal chart).


The Venus in Cancer native may express love in a stereotypical “motherly” way. They are nurturing, protective, sensitive and caring in their love nature(s). Sometimes this energy appears to get out of balance and interactions can feel smothering or overbearing; still, the underlying energy is about love and harmony with whatever is going on. Those individuals with their Venus in Cancer seek to find a sense of reliability, comfort, and stability in their interactions as if everything were in a womb (or a shell: think Crab qualities). They love and harmonize with an ultimate desire for balance: snuggle up with this energy and all could be good!


The Venus in Leo native may express love in a number of ways, but the heart is absolutely involved (Leo’s physical manifestation in the body = the heart/spine). Leo is about the heart, courage, the will, drive, pride, and so much more. When Venus shows up in Leo for any individual, these keywords may come into play – and so may the keyword “play” itself! The Venus in Leo individual may appear to be quite childlike, exuberant, dramatic or zealous, magnanimous and unique all at once. They may tend to express love with a lot of romance and a lot of loyalty too. In other words, a theatrical flair with a dash of lighthearted fun tends to depict what this energy is about. You’re going to get a lot of attention from a Venus in Leo native…reciprocating is key! That, to them, is harmony.


The Venus in Virgo native will likely express their love through subtle details with a focus on health and service. These individuals may seem to criticize or nag a bit with their affections – in a lighthearted way. They play off of the previous sign’s energies, and they extend into the next sign’s energies as well (just as each sign does to some extent). So, the Venus in Virgo native may take parts of the playfulness in Leo energy and couple it with the balance-seeking needs of Libra. Their “perfectionist” attitudes really hold insecurities underneath, and they love best when those sentiments are expressed and understood with all parties involved. With Venus in Virgo, all one has to remember is it is the little things that count! 


The Venus in Libra native is at home! While Venus rules Taurus as well, the Venus in Libra individual will extend Venusian energy beyond what Taurus represents (beauty, stability, sensual pleasures, etc.). This individual may tend to add to Taurus’ energy and place an emphasis on relationships in general. In other words, the beauty, the stability, the harmony, the love, the sensuality, and more – all of these things are fully expressed and understood better with and through an Other. The Venus in Libra native thrives on relationship, and particularly harmonious ones. However, even when not in “harmony,” the Venus in Libra native will strive for that. Fairness, equality, and justice all play key roles in relating for the Venus in Libra individual. Essentially, this type of energy is about sharing and honesty as those things are directly linked to the concepts of love and harmony for them!


The Venus in Scorpio native is intense with an all-or-nothing energy. In fact, quite often, the energy is so heavily-held that it can feel controlling, possessive and/or obsessive. However, and underneath it all, there is truly the desire to bond and connect deeply, intimately, sexually, and with a strong sense of loyalty and commitment attached as well. These are dedicated souls in what they feel “love” is. As an opposite sign to Taurus, the individual with Venus in Scorpio may appear to be (and/or actually be) the jealous type. Their apparent jealousy may stem from much of what is already described here, but in general, Venus in Scorpio acts as a sort of “dark side” to love. The “dark” is not intended to be negative; instead, it is best understood as a strong, instinctive desire to unionize with an Other. When they love themselves fully first (as it is with any Being), the jealousy for another’s heart energy transforms itself. Regardless, the Venus in Scorpio native is a deep, contemplative, and emotionally-charged Being! Embrace them.


The Venus in Sagittarius native is a gypsy lover! The energy of Sagittarius blends with the Venusian qualities in such a way that these individuals tend to come off as “non-committal.” What is desired by these folks is a sense of expansiveness – whether literal or figurative (outer travel or inner travel, for example). Their love is expressed through open-mindedness, joviality and (paradoxically) some seriousness, bluntness, etc. These are the souls that love with a breath of fresh air, so to speak. The Venus in Sagittarius native wants to explore and expand everything it comes into contact with. Connected with Pisces in a way, these individuals are in love with life and express their sentiments with or without any Other!


The Venus in Capricorn native is a cautious and responsible lover. They may be traditional romantics at heart, but they may express their love slowly, deliberately, and with an eye towards the future. They are truly committed types, and they are best in harmony with those that relate to their dependable nature. An individual with Venus in Capricorn may not be the most spontaneous of all individuals when it comes to matters of the heart, but they are rock solid partners!


The Venus in Aquarius native is the detached, aloof, and rebellious type. The person with their Venus in Aquarius may express their personal love in an unconventional or eccentric manner. They loathe rules, and so any sort of traditional relationship may bore them fairly quickly. Venus in Aquarius wants a friend in their partner, and they want a friend who they can truly rely on to create space for their intellect. There is a strong connection with progressive, innovative, and forward-thinking energy for these folks, so space for that and, truly, space in general works best for these natives. Harmony for Venus in Aquarius is in the love of uniqueness and individuality!


The Venus in Pisces native is the sensitive dreamer type. The person with their Venus in Pisces may express their personal love as, paradoxically, transpersonal love. These are the unconditional lovers, and they tend to share their love with all of the world! They aren’t real planners; they would rather go-with-the-flow and see how things progress in any and all interactions. For this reason, they are not necessarily oriented towards commitment. Those that do commit, though, generally find themselves with someone who understands their soft-hearted, romantic, and somewhat unreliable nature.

The (Major) Feminine Asteroids.

*Photo Credit to Mystic Mama (above)

It”s taken me a while to even begin to understand the feminine asteroids: Ceres, Pallas Athene, Juno + Vesta. I’ve been practicing, studying, refining and evolving my beliefs through the astrological lens for more than 15 years now. Yet, I did not begin to take the feminine asteroid archetypes into account until about 4 years ago. Perfect timing, though, since these asteroids all take about 3.5 – 4.5 years to move through your whole chart.

What can I say about these archetypes? First of all, I do treat them as archetypes – as I do with all of the astrological symbols + concepts. I am a Jungian in this way, and I learn through my own unconscious/conscious filtering before I can see universality and apply any potential themes to the collective (or at least the collective clients that come my way).

Let’s begin with Ceres.

C E R E S :: W A T E R . E N E R G Y :: As a disclaimer, I will say my natal Ceres is on my Descendant at 24 degrees Cancer. That kind of placement has offered me a multitude of opportunities to understand this energy – and to OWN my projections (7th House cusp). The story goes that Ceres is a “harvest” archetype. This energy can be equated with nurturing, and thus motherhood since harvesting is about planting seeds for renewal and growth. Not surprisingly, Ceres is often considered to co-rule Cancer (alongside The Moon). I’ve come to agree with this depiction of the Ceres archetype through my own lens, particularly when coupled with The Moon’s transits. They seem to “talk” together.

Natal Ceres energy nearly always takes precedent in my mind. So a transiting Ceres is like saying, “your natal energy is showing up in this area of your life now.” For example, for the New Moon on September 19th, 2017 @ 11:30pm Mountain Time, Ceres will be at approximately 28 degrees Cancer – it just passed a conjunction to my own natal Ceres. The Moon will be at approximately 27 degrees Virgo – which, for me, resides in my 8th House; my natal Moon is at 4 degrees Leo, and these energies are, indeed, “talking” together! In fact, I’ve felt EXTREMELY pulled into creating 4 mass meditations posted through Instagram @maieutic.arts + @vanessalamorte and right here on this blog. How does your Ceres energy show up? How is your moon “talking” with her? Feel free to contact me for mentoring services on this energy if you are interested in your personal astrology!

How about that Pallas Athene? Some say Pallas Athena… either way, let’s go with Pallas for short.

P A L L A S :: F I R E . E N E R G Y :: You know that movie, Hidden Figures? The one with the three African-American women who offer us a behind-the-scenes rendition of all that it took for John Glenn (astronaut) to make to space and back? Yea. That movie is like the Pallas archetype in action. Pallas is about fierce independence, grace + ageless feminine wisdom. I tend to equate Pallas with owls – and so does her archetypal story. Anyhow, let’s dig into it a bit more.

Pallas is the feminine warrior, usually represented as the female “assistant” to great male warriors. She offers invaluable advice + counsel to her male counterparts in her story. As an example to guide you, Pallas will be at 14 degrees Taurus EXACTLY on the New Moon, September 19th, 2017 @ 11:30pm Mountain Time. Where does her energy hit you? What is your natal Pallas energy like? Do you identify with her energy on some level? I know I do. My Pallas is conjunct my Chiron in Gemini in the 5th House, which is EXACTLY opposite my Uranus in Sagittarius in the 11th House. The New Moon this time around hits my North Node in Taurus. I think I may actually over-identify with Pallas’ energy as a stellium Leo – not even knowing about it until recently. Now that I’ve watched her move through my life, I can absolutely see how this energy plays out. And, it is still moving me to heal both myself and others along the way.

V E S T A :: A I R . E N E R G Y :: Oh, dear Vesta. The “vestal virgin” is so on point with Virgo energy as the goddess of the hearth fire. While her symbol is the flame, she is more like the feminine Saturnine energy + the idea of air for a fire… she keeps the flame going. If you think about Saturn (earth) + air (Mercury), it really makes perfect sense that she is equated with Virgo.

Vesta’s story is about keeping the feminine energy flowing. In her time, that meant making zero commitment to another person. The expression of the energy could (and can) range from purity and abstinence to many sexual partners with no intimacy. Why? The idea was to keep from being “touched” by anything that didn’t serve goddess energy. A variant of the fierce independence that, say, Pallas’ archetype denotes.

This archetype may seem out of sorts in some ways by todays various cultural progressions, but the energy lingers as a conscious construct to this day. In fact, in many cultures and religions, her archetype is still “the norm.” My Vesta is fairly prominent in my chart in a way as it conjuncts my South Node and opposes my Black Moon Lilith. I have swung in all sorts of different directions when it comes to relationships! From two long-term relationships, a turned-down proposal, and a hyper-sexualized + transformative relationship with a karmic twin brother…yea. I get Vesta. Do you? How does it show up for you? The New Moon on September 19th at 11:30pm Mountain Time shows Vesta at almost 1 degree of Libra. The sign of balance + relationships (among other qualities, of course). Hmm… how might that play out? Feel free to reach out for mentoring on this energy if you so desire.

Last, but certainly not least, Juno!

J U N O :: E A R T H . E N E R G Y :: In some kind of contrast to Vesta, Juno is pretty much focused on the partnering energy in any intimate relationship. It is typically associated with or named the “marriage” asteroid, meaning that wherever/however the energy shows up in your chart may symbolize your views on marriage + partnership.

In her story, her archetype holds a lot. From jealousy and bitterness to authority + control stuff all the way to bliss and pure monogamy. From my perspective and understanding of this energy, Juno is associated mostly with Capricorn energy. While Vesta is like the feminine Saturn (Capricorn’s ruler), there is an edge of airiness about her energy. The air keeps the fire going in a different direction, shall we say. Juno on the other hand seems to be more fully Capricorn in my mind. Very, very earthy. In fact, she tended to be seen as a woman armed with a goatskin cloak – goat is the symbol for Capricorn.

Anyhow, the easiest way to understand your own Juno energy is to look at BOTH the sign and the house it is located in. I will use my own Juno energy as an example. I was born with Juno in my 9th House at roughly 13.5 degrees into Libra. As I mentioned before, I’ve had alllllll sorts of relationships – intimate and romantic, intimate and non-romantic. I have never felt like I was going to be the marriage type, but if I meet a true partner/soulmate to spend as many days as possible in my life with…then yes. I am not only open to that, I am actually ONLY open to that. In other words, my Juno energy (coupled with all my other feminine asteroid energy + my chart as a whole) does reflect my own beliefs/story back to me. I ultimately can and will only settle for a fully EQUAL partnership. A balanced one on all levels, but with an emphasis on the mental plane. That’s Juno in Libra in the 9th. Plus Pallas in Gemini in the 5th House…and a stellium in Leo in the 7th. Makes sense. Do you want to make sense of your energy? Contact me for donation-based mentoring services!


**F O U R . M A S S . M E D I T A T I O N S . B E G I N . N O W!**

Interestingly, and totally unplanned, these four feminine asteroids seem to line up with the mass meditations myself and my dear friend Vanessa Lamorte put together to kick off a dream class offering… the first mass meditation call is September 20th @ 12pm Eastern Time, and it is on the element, W A T E R . The next one will be F I R E; the third one will be A I R; the last one will be E A R T H. In respective order, these archetypes seem to want to join us!!



Mars says “I act.”


Mars in Aries is at home! Mars rules both Aries and Scorpio, so whenever it shows up in its “home,” the energy flows more naturally. Of course, that is not to say that things will be smooth; rather, it just means that the energy moves with a certain ease or freedom. Mars (no matter what sign) caters to the Sun, so this energy is about enabling the individual Will to act on its intentions and to create movement. The Mars in Aries native, specifically, may be more likely to attack, to be aggressive, to be a go-getter, to move quickly, and, in general, to behave like a firecracker! If their Sun is in a certain placement, it shifts the focus – still, it adds fuel to a fire. The energy here simply wants to release fire energy – and fast!


Mars in Taurus can be likened to the image of a bull chasing a red cloth. It’s like an instinctual desire to go after something that the eye + brain know to “catch.” Mars is a consort to the Sun, so the individual Will energy (the sign/house an individual Sun is located in) plays a key role in understanding how this energy is showing up for any native with Mars in Taurus. What can be said, without that type of focus, is that Mars in Taurus describes a drive for stability and self-sufficiency. The Mars in Taurus person may be more likely to go after material or monetary investments, to have values that cater to the need for stability, and, in general, have a passion for the “good life.” The ideas of the “good life” may be different for each native: the “good life” may range from a vision for living off the grid and on the land…or it may be feeling comfortable in a luxury condo in the middle of Manhattan. Comfort is key and sought after!


Mars in Gemini is like the quick-moving Mercury…on speed! The individual with Mars in Gemini will most likely have a fast mind, a fired-up intellect, and/or a need for constant mental stimulation. As with all Mars energy, the Mars in Gemini native will better understand this part of their make-up when they understand their Sun sign energy first and foremost. Their minds are quick to learn, though, so any and all information taken in will lead to other paths in need of further stimulation. The Mars in Gemini person may be more likely to gossip and stir up mental constructs of reality. The motive is not necessarily some kind of attempt to create psychological warfare; however, this type of energy may be more prone to unleashing random mind-reality constructs (whether conscious of it or not)! At its best, this energy is highly charged to move current collective informational trends forward. Marketing, advertising, and political columnists or cartoonists may be likely to carry this type of energy somehow. The natal chart is imperative to reading this energy well, but given here are some tidbits of information for those with Mars in Gemini!


Mars in Cancer is the crab – moving sideways – with intent! Mars is not exactly comfortable in Cancer, but that does not mean that those with Mars in Cancer have trouble finding comfort. In fact, quite the contrary – Mars in Cancer natives tend to be highly emotional and highly sensitive…which leads them towards seeking what makes them comfortable on the instinctive + emotional levels. These types will be more likely to find environments that allow them to survive, to thrive, and to be emotionally comfortable in their well-protected shells. Moreover – and as with all Mars signs – the individual Sun sign/house is important to understand as well. Basically, the Sun acts as the Will; Mars brings/offers energy and action to implement the individual Will. If the natal Sun is in Libra in the 9th and the natal Mars is in Cancer in the 6th, the energy may be reflected through health or work environment, as the Will desires spiritual balance. That’s just an example; the energy can really vary here. Mentoring and readings are available for further insight into your unique energetic makeup!


Mars in Leo is a lovely placement for Mars energy because it is comfortable in the fire element as well as the inherent creativity-oriented realm! There are always going to be perceived “negative” and “positive” placements for anything; however, this energy is generally experienced more positively. Mars in Leo natives tend to be highly attuned to their own desires and Will. This tendency is partially due to the fact that Leo is ruled by the Sun, and the Sun acts as the symbolic Will that Mars energy enacts. The individual with Mars in Leo may tend to come off as reckless, child-like or childish, and/or highly creative somehow. Regardless, they also tend to bring people together in joy, love, and fire-y light! The house placement for Mars as well as the Sun sign + house information is needed to more fully understand how the overall amalgamation of energy is playing out. However, the natal chart is truly the best way to understand this energy and how the interplay of energies manifests for any given individual. RAWWWWRRRR to the Mars in Leo native no matter what!


Mars in Virgo is an interesting placement for Mars, energetically. Mars rules both Scorpio and Aries; so, when one thinks of how this energy shows up in Virgo based on that information alone…well, everything becomes quite particular. No surprise since Virgo is all about details! With that said, the Mars in Virgo native may be highly skilled in editorial work, philanthropic investments, surgical or medical research work, and more. These individuals tend to discern well, to dissect well, and to see how the smaller parts cater to the “whole” in whatever field or environment they find themselves in. Generally, the energy tends to be of service to others; however, there are many other manifestations that occur with this energy. Again, and as with all of Mars’ possible placements, the native Sun energy helps to paint a clearer picture: the Sun’s Will is only propelled in a direction that Mars energy offers.


Mars in Libra can be extreme! It can also be highly balanced – it simply depends on how one uses this energy. Libra is about balance, but it also holds its own duality in extremes. The Mars in Libra native may be extremely attracted to and motivated by partnership at the same time that it nearly demolishes relations at the same time. Or, perhaps, the Mars in Libra individual brings a tornado to any already existing balance…in order to propel it forward in a new direction! The Sun sign/house placement is just as important to understand if this energy is to be intermingled well. Mentoring, readings, and natal chart services are offered for those interested in further integration. Regardless, I diplomatically salute the skills of the Mars in Libra native!


Mars in Scorpio is at home! Mars rules both Aries and Scorpio, and – like mentioned above (Mars in Aries section) – whenever Mars shows up in its “home,” the energy flows more naturally. Still, that does not mean that the energy will be a smooth, utopian river. In fact, with Mars in Scorpio, the energy becomes extremely powerful and is often felt as rather turbulent! The turbulent, crisis energy that comes naturally to the Mars in Scorpio blend may not be exactly delightful to those who are not native to or familiar with its movement. The highest potential of this placement is a strong catalyst – almost regardless of the Sun sign/house. In other words, no matter the individual Will, this energy will carry transformation because it is so extremely potent. The Mars in Scorpio native will have some part of themselves that comes off as a powerful mover-and-shaker…highly sexual, highly probing, highly forceful, or otherwise intensely transformative in some way. Depending on the individual, this energy can be used “positively” or “negatively.” A closer look into the natal chart can offer insight about utilization of this energy – for both the individual Will as well as for the collective.


Mars in Sagittarius is quite agreeable energy, and it tends to act as a type of ambition towards capital T “Truth(s). Mars energy is often easier to navigate when involved with a fire sign, like Sagittarius. The house placement will add a flavor to the “where” the energy is showing up, but regardless, the Mars in Sagittarius native may be more motivated to find freedom in and through belief. How the thoughts/reflections on belief and freedom show up are totally unique; in fact, in an extreme of this energy, the native may somehow become attached to a form of fundamentalism in their ever-unfolding path. The mutability to this placement often allows the individual a plethora of options for the concept of ‘freedom.’ The more stubborn and strict fundamentalist energy will generally cater to certain types with certain links to the word ‘freedom.’ Overall, the Sun sign and house energy is highly connected to understanding one’s focus, as it is with all Mars placements. I definitely recommend checking out information on your house placement for Mars! If you are still more curious, check out options on individual readings!


Mars in Capricorn is activated ambitious energy! More than likely, the Mars in Capricorn native will exhibit a natal chart with strong ambition in some portion(s) of life activity. Of course, it takes a lot of “big picture” weaving and dissemination to understand exactly how this energy may be patterning. Regardless, there are key ideas and keywords to take in here: the energy tends to point towards a focused drive in the areas of control, work, performance, ambition, public image, parenting, discipline, and the like. The house placement is pivotal for understanding this energy, as much as (if not more so than) all other potential Mars sign energy (see below). Plus, as mentioned in all of these Mars’ descriptions, the Sun sign and house energy are important to understand fully. Mars is the apparent action energy to the individual Will; without Mars energy, the Will would sit idyll…waiting for something to propel or force the creative energy in some direction. Mars in Capricorn natives are patient enough (even for supposed “fated” events)…yet, the idea here is to use action-oriented energy to progress in some worldly form!


Mars in Aquarius is the warrior for individuality! This placement of energy tends to depict those that are not only prone to eccentricity, innovation, and future-minded trends, but also distinctive freshness, revolutionary style, and large-scale social change. The specifically aware Mars in Aquarius native may have other components to further amp up what this energy already holds. As with all Mars energy, the Sun sign and house energy collectively blend to create a larger picture for how and where this flow of drive and action manifests. It is already difficult to generalize natal chart placements in this form, but the Mars in Aquarius energy makes this difficulty quite poignant: one never knows how the energy will truly show up without further insight and connection. If you’re really interested in learning more specific information, I recommend Mentoring Services!


Mars in Pisces appears to be the most gentle placement there is for Mars energy. In fact, regardless of Sun sign/house energy and/or other detailed natal chart configurations, this Mars placement brings a subtle, compassionate blend for clarity and change. Natives with this placement tend to have a fire-y rage watered down to some part of a spectrum of two major extremes: vision for a particular type of humanitarian paradise and connective Oneness; or, a dream of perpetual simplicity and letting go. Pisces is a sign opposite to Virgo, but the duality inherent in the energy actually becomes quite vague…there is awareness of the illusory nature of whatever we call “reality.” Judgements and critical notes of what it means to be “perfect” are noted – and then dropped off with any anger or rage that arises. In other words, the Mars in Pisces native may be very aware of conflict and pain, but the energy generally gets diluted and distilled into what the essence of Being truly is.

Black Moon Lilith.

What the fuck is Black Moon Lilith? Or…shall I say who??

Black Moon Lilith is one of the feminine archetypes that uses the word ‘fuck’ regularly, doesn’t give a fuck regularly, and says, “yep, I am who I am, and you are sure as hell not going to stop me from continuing on my own way.” As the story goes, this lovely woman was Adam’s first wife. Too unruly and bent on being treated and respected as an equal (rather than a subordinate to a male), Lilith rebelled and/or was self-exiled from the world of Adam. Adam’s Eve came along and things were much more peaceful for him. But Lilith still lives…

As an archetype, at least. Whether the story was ever “real” or not makes no difference when talking about Black Moon Lilith in this way. The energy of the story essentially points out part(s) of our consciousness(es) that demand(s) respect and equality. Specifically, it leans toward our feminine aspects – regardless of race, sexuality, gender, or what have you. You know, all those things we read about in the EOE clause from “Equal Opportunity Employers.” How do we understand our “feminine” nature, though? That’s what Black Moon Lilith urges everyone to ask themselves.

What part of you feels exiled? What part of you feels repressed somehow? What part of yourself does your culture or society attach words like shame, degenerate, outcast, or taboo to? These are Black Moon Lilith energies crying to be recognized as valid and equal. She is an archetype that we can all relate to. In astrology, she is one of the feminine asteroids that represents our most feared and yet most desired parts wanting to be bridged into wholeness. She takes 9 years and 9 months to return to her original position, each cycle.

Where is your Black Moon Lilith patterning? How does her energy show up in your life? If you want to look more deeply into this archetype, I recommend two sources:

  • Me. I offer various treats throughout the year, one being on Black Moon Lilith ONLY. In order to follow when I offer stuff on this archetype, check out my Instagram @maieutic.arts or feel free to subscribe to my newsletter! If you want a more in-depth reading from me, book your natal chart reading or a tarot/oracle card reading here!

Thanks for reading!


MERCURY says “I think.”


The Mercury in Aries native has the mind of a racehorse! An individual with their Mercury in Aries may express their intellect through competitiveness, impulsive mental activity, aggressive or assertive speech and body language, or quick thinking in general. Mercury’s motto may be “I think,” but mercurial energy shows up in a number of ways (e.g., the hands, gesturing). The desire for movement is not lacking for the Mercury in Aries native – their thinking tends to be self-oriented, but other-engaged. In other words, the mind wants to keep moving things forward in this energy field. If you’re on board, great; if not, this type will keep moving mentally regardless!


The Mercury in Taurus native has the mind of a practical builder. To build something, and to build it well, takes careful thought processes (step one; step two; step three…). An individual with their Mercury in Taurus may appear to be lazy with their thinking, but generally it is not laziness – it is the underlying desire to arrive at the “right” decision. In fact, once they do make up their minds about anything, the Taurean fixed energy tends to come off as quite stubborn! Mercury in Taurus is kind of like the common-sense mind…it is the mind that knows what’s “right” through sensual and practical thinking.


The Mercury in Gemini native has the mind of a collector! Mercury is at home in Gemini (and Virgo), and when it shows up in its home, its energy moves swiftly like its orbit (88 earth days for a full orbit cycle). An individual with their Mercury in Gemini may appear to be quite mentally scattered, but this type of energy is really about picking up bits and pieces of information at a quick pace. And, as quickly as those pieces are gathered, they are equally disseminated into the world – perhaps to make room for new and exciting information! Mercury is considered to be the “messenger,” and when in Gemini, the energy certainly caters to that role. 


The Mercury in Cancer native has an emotional mind, centered around finding balance. Individuals born with this placement tend to come across as emotionally sensitive and caring – a “motherly” type of energy. Of course, this emotionally-centered energy is channeled through that avenue of “I think,” which can make it difficult to discern what they really think about anything! The energy is not fixed, nor mutable; it is a cardinal energy of balance. In general, the Mercury in Cancer native is in tune with the emotional undertones and patterns to thought processes – their own and others. Depending on who they are relating to and how they find balance, their energy may appear quite variable…but with a sensitivity at the core of it all.


The Mercury in Leo native has an aura of confidence in their intellect. They may come across as arrogant, bossy, or know-it-alls, but this energy is really about expressing an individual mind with confidence! Leo energy desires to be truly seen, and with Mercury in Leo, the mind and intellect wants to be seen. There is a pride (think LION) with this energy, and the individual born with Mercury in Leo will exert this pride through a unique flair – sometimes dramatic. There is a poignant vibrancy here that takes center stage. As it is with most mercurial energy, the “I think” from a Mercury in Leo native is highly personal and highly opinionated. And, as a fixed sign, the mutable Mercury energy gets an extra boost of creativity coupled with stubbornness…how else would a lion let you know where they truly stand?


The Mercury in Virgo native has the mind of a grounded and detailed thinker. Mercury is at “home” in Virgo (as well as Gemini), and in Virgo, the mercurial energy lands on the ground. It is practical and methodical and scrupulous in its thinking. The individual with Mercury in Virgo will tend to be quite routine-oriented as anything “out of control” feels like details are missing along the way. Without routine and/or grounding in some way, this energy tends to mimic its twin home of Gemini. Generally, however, the Mercury in Virgo native won’t go there – they are too logical and earth-oriented to find themselves in a mental airspace like that of Gemini. 


The Mercury in Libra native has a fair, just, and balance-seeking mind. Mercury in Libra basically amps up what Mercury in Gemini begins: it collects and gathers information. Still, at a certain point, it desires the “middle-ground” perspective. As this energy sifts through all the information it is given, it seeks a type of fair-and-just perspective. It is neither open nor closed to any perspective; rather, it acts as a type of mediator or judge energy overall. As a kind of middle-ground energy in general (halfway through the zodiac), Mercury in Libra propels towards leading into the next air sign in the zodiac: Aquarius. The aim from there is to become more purely objective like the Aquarian. Overall, the individual born with Mercury in Libra may tend to be quite diplomatic, charming, and/or indecisive somehow. 


The Mercury in Scorpio native has a mind that is extremely in-tune with what is “underneath” various forms of communication. This energy is like that of a therapist, a detective, or anyone else who may be adept at sensing what is truly happening in the mind of any individual. While they may not be totally aligned in seeing the “big picture” (that’s the next water sign’s job, Pisces), they are quite skilled at venturing into the depths of any matter at hand. It may be helpful to understand Scorpio as the opposite to Taurus – the master builder. Scorpio energy tends to be more like the master destroyer – a type of “transformer” energy. In short, the Mercury in Scorpio native desires to get to the bottom of things, which may destroy and/or transform things along the way. Naturally strategic + a highly instinctive (not to be confused with intuitive) nature, the individual with Mercury in Scorpio will certainly leave a mark on thinking itself!


The Mercury in Sagittarius native is likely to have a seeker-oriented and freedom-oriented mindset. An individual with their Mercury in Sagittarius may express their intellect through philosophical conversation, spiritual, cultural, metaphysical, or “higher-minded” pursuits. Mercury’s motto is “I think,” but when mercurial energy shows up in an opposite sign, Sagittarius, the thinking becomes less trivial and more broad. Since Sagittarius is ruled by Jupiter, the energy becomes both expansive and all-is-possible optimistic at the same time that it becomes highly purpose-of-life serious. The desire for space is significant for the Mercury in Sagittarius native – their thinking tends to seek higher ground where the air is flowing and their thoughts can roam free. In other words, the mind wants to engage with others’ minds for the main purpose of gaining vast wisdom.


The Mercury in Capricorn native tends to behave like a mountain goat – sometimes slow, but certainly with purpose and a goal or two in mind along the way. These individuals are very structured in their thought. They have the wisdom of both Taurus and Virgo on their heels, and they take that wisdom quite seriously. Mercury in Capricorn highlights an authoritative energy – these are the CEO mindsets. Doubt may appear to be prominent in these thinkers, but ultimately it is the careful, thoughtful, and cautious energy inherent in Capricorn that gives this mercurial energy its edge. No doubt, the future-minded Mercury in Capricorn native will have the most practical and attentively weighed “best” path(s) to a goal laid out before it even gets there!


The Mercury in Aquarius native may surprise you…but it just likes to break out of the rut, the rules, and the conventional boxes that appear to exist all together! Aquarius energy is about progress, and the individual with Mercury in Aquarius will think about things through that funnel. The mind can come off as quite contrarian or intellectually superior in a way; however, and again, Mercury in Aquarius is really future-minded and on another density level. It harbors the energy of the two previous air signs – Gemini and Libra – and it expresses itself as quite objective and detached mentally. What any other sign may take as personal, Aquarius does too…but with such objectivity that the personal becomes conflated with the transpersonal quite easily. 


The Mercury in Pisces native will most likely express their mercurial energy through a type of universality. These are the messengers of “spirit.” As the opposite sign to Virgo, a home for Mercury, the Mercury in Pisces individual is fairly dismissive of those Virgoan details – it is “oneness” that they are attuned to and with. Stemming from the other two previous water signs in the cycle (Cancer, Scorpio), the Mercury in Pisces person will exhibit an emotional sensitivity in, with, and through all forms of communication. Their mind is like a sponge, and they tend to absorb each and every facet of whatever they relate to. Everything is a mirror because all is One for these folks. A bird singing may have just as much emotional relevance as their friend’s unexpected death…and their mind relates to it similarly since they equate the mind with Pisces energetically.