ART | I | FACTS – No. 28



Fact :: I just wanted to draw the night I did this doodle – before getting into my new project more. I literally willed this drawing into existence + whatever happened, happened. Feeling a similar momentum for what’s next ⭐️ Can’t wait to see how things naturally unfold. Discover or re-discover your W I L L 🔥

ART | I | FACTS – No. 27



Fact :: I just discovered the crayon emoji, and used it for the first time on my Instagram account @maieutic.arts 🤗Also, I feel like this random doodle looks like an explosion of crayons. So! It will, naturally, be added to my Color Me Magic page on my website – free coloring pages to print at home! Enjoy 💕

ART | I | FACTS – No. 26

White Peacocks.

Fact :: I really wanted to draw this differently, but I am finishing up the watercolor on it anyways. “In Hinduism, the Peacock is associated with Lakshmi who represents patience, kindness and luck.”

ART | I | FACTS – No. 25


Fact :: I did this drawing the same night as Art | I | Fact No. 24… and I was extra amazed to hear how it happened IRL after catching up with my bestie Vanessa Lamorte. She spent the night on Shoshone land at the Sekhmet Temple in Nevada. There was so much that came through our sharing – always so rich. Love you lady!! Can’t wait to see how all the things start moving even more 😘 This drawing was also added to my free coloring page section, Color Me Magic! Enjoy 💕

ART | I | FACTS – No. 24

Fire Eyes.


Fact :: I have solar retinopathy from looking at the sun for too long during an eclipse as a kid. I remember where I was standing during this eclipse, on a lawn of the elementary school grounds… with my class + teacher. The sky was blue. I took off the glasses and thought I ought to be able to look at everything here, on Earth. Why not?

This past week the dots in my central vision transformed into a triangle (a symbol for fire, when equal + upright). I had a migraine from weather changes, and the ocular fun has yet to fully rescind. Naturally, I accidentally created this doodle… and by ‘accidentally’ I mean completely unintentionally. The simple matchstick actually looks like an eye with eyelashes when turned on its side. The sun got me – fire + eyes.

ART | I | FACTS – No. 23


Fact :: I will be uploading more Color Me Magic pages to my website – free coloring pages to print at home! For some reason, this doodle makes me think of a double helix or chakras… what do you see?

ART | I | FACTS – No. 22



Fact :: I never know where I am going with these drawings, but ever since I found my carnelian necklace – wrapped by my friend Sunshine (her birth name, seriously) – I’ve just wanted to draw more. In this random art, it looks like the Earth + Moon are hanging out as a sunflower. Jupiter, Mercury, and Mars wanted to join for some reason… which I am sure I will learn about “why” in some random way tomorrow. 😂

ART | I | FACTS – No. 21



Fact :: After tracing around a candle holder to start, I thought this six-sided thing would about Saturn. Why would I decide that?! I mean, Saturn has a hexagonal thing happening at its core, but not all six-sided things are connected to Saturn. For some reason, I wanted to add some snakes to it, and they ended up being Caduceus snakes, related to Hermes + healing/medicine. I need to read this book, Saturn Run, by John Sandford ASAP.

ART | I | FACTS – No. 20



Fact :: I did this random doodle art the same night as Art | I | Fact No. 19. It didn’t look like anything to me until the following morning after seeing Kali the destroyer had taken down and/or broken roughly 6 ornaments. So, I guess my unconscious was trying to tell me something?

ART | I | FACTS – No. 19


Fact :: I decided to take my own medicine given to a client and just BE while doing something today. My mind usually falls into this balancing act easily + naturally when I draw or paint or create without a presupposed purpose. After I felt like ten to fifteen minutes was up with this doodle, I saw the fire symbol embedded in a flower. Perfect for moving from Sun in Sagittarius to Sun in Capricorn + Solstice!