M A S S . M E D I T A T I O N S . D A Y . T W O . F I R E

D A Y . T W O :: F I R E – September 22nd, 6pm Pacific Time.


Step One :: Get comfortable.

Step Two :: Take some deep breaths. I N H A L E fully – through your belly, your back, your shoulders. Now E X H A L E as if you’re whispering + laughing at the same time. In other words, stagger your release on the out breath. It helps to smile and actually laugh if you can :). Repeat 3X.

Step Three :: Now, imagine F I R E. However it shows up means something. From a candle, to a fireplace or stove or campfire, all the way to a wildfire or volcanic eruption. Choose your image of fire to focus on. How is the fire moving? Is it controlled or contained somehow? Does it move itself in response to its surroundings? What sound(s) do you hear? Keep breathing and imagine that fire purifying + cleansing all that needs to be released. See it becoming whatever it needs to become in your mind’s eye.

Step Four :: Move into Y O U R . F I R E. Your fire is everywhere in a way, but it may help to focus on where you draw your energy from. I suggest the heart center, the solar plexus, and/or the sacral – somewhere in the middle region of your body. It may help to imagine you’re like our Sun… the middle region is brighter than the outer layers of light. Regardless of where you focus, M O V E the energy. How do you want to move it around? What patterns or shapes does this movement make? Do you need to literally move or dance around? Notice how/where you want the energy to go and release whatever needs to be released from parts of your body.

Step Five :: Bring your hands to your crown, imagine yourself wearing a crown, or simply focus on the top of your head. Take O N E big breath and H O L D your energy there for five seconds or more. Create a positive intention for A L L . F I R E… and exhale it into existence. T H A N K . Y O U .

As you re-enter your day/night from this mass meditation, I recommend drinking lots of water + burning something. Incense, resin, or any other kind of smoke-inducing agent is great so long as you are M I N D F U L  during the process. Imagine the scene you created during this meditation as things burn off. May you be lighter + brighter + balanced! Thank you!!

**Next M A S S . M E D I T A T I O N will be next Wednesday, September 27th @ 3pm Central Time. Hope you and yours can join us!**

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