Phases of the Moon: Day Ten.

I decided to pull a card for today since I am called to work on other artwork right now. What is the moon trying to tell us about today? What are our needs? From the Mythical Goddess Tarot deck, I was guided to pull this card. The author, Sage Holloway, and the artist, Katherine Skaggs have this to say:

“The Child of Fire is the Creative Spark, the inner flame that is the essence of inspiration and creation that exists within every living thing. All aspects of her being are ignited with this creative force.” -Mythical Goddess Tarot deck book

What I get from the card, as I feel into it, is that there is an illumination going on. Something that was “missing” or “lost” may have returned somehow. This thing – be it physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, or otherwise was never really lost…but the joy of (re)discovery is like seeing a child light up with curiosity and joy at once.

    Happy July 2nd, 2017. 😘


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